You are… A Supreme BEING

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Have you ever felt weird, like you’re different? Like you’re thinking, “I must be from somewhere else?” YOU are from somewhere else. And I’m gonna give you instant RECALL so you can remember SO you can deal with all the things you’re going through. Cuz I’ll tell you right now, YOU’RE not asking for too much, you’re asking for far TOO little.

Do you ever like... just lie in bed, stare up at the ceiling wonder if you’re meant to DO something ‘special’ with your life? Download this! YOU... young adults are the most truthful version of the world TODAY. I’m talkin' YOU. Born in this specific time you’re meant to take it to the next level. You’re here to re-set standards. BLOW away bullshit illusions alter the way the world works—once and for all. You have NO idea how important and critical you are to this particular WORLD.

YOU are the truth tellers of your time.

YOU see what most adults are too scared to see. You’re gonna create a paradigm shift, a radical change in the underlying beliefs and theories of the world… the old world. And you’re gonna CREATE a new world. You’re not putting up with shit anymore, things being concealed you want the truth, you’re not putting up with being in the dark you’re exposing everything bringing it to LIGHT. I’m here to tell you… You’re on the right path. I’m here to help YOU master yourself… transcend any demons holding you back, retire the old self… (torment) fear, doubt, insecurity, so you can create your new kick ass self, make the bold moves you need and are pulled to make… CREATIVELY artistically, intellectually or politically speaking. Your destiny is assured and expected It knows no warped nightmare can win over a being of this Universe. I'm… A Badass illuminator and I’m gonna make sure nothing holds you back. You’re dream is going to materialize. It HAS too. It’s what you’ve been created for, the universe only creates with purpose. I’ve been waiting for YOU... a long time. So bring it! It’s TIME. You’re guaranteed access into the material realm, if you understand one thing. That YOU are not from here... YOU have at your disposal the energy that creates WORLDS. Use it and SAY loudly to your fears;

YOU do not own me.

YOU will not enslave me to your thoughts.

YOU will not define how high I will climb (VERY high btw).

YOU will not possess me. I stand up for myself and what I want in my life.

If there was a sign above your head girl, right now. It’d read... She came. She conquered. She left. Or you dude... He was BORN. He ruled. He left his MARK. Fear only comes when your mind’s split and separated off from its truth (bowing down to illusions) 'bout who you ARE, what you’re made of, capable… of DOING. You’re not just a bag of bones and a couple of organs, you know. Shame. They don’t bother teaching you interesting facts like… The 6 most common elements of life on earth (including more than 97% of the mass of a human) are carbon; hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, sulphur and phosphorus—the SAME elements that make stardust!!

Know this!!

And YOU wonder why in your language they come up with things like, ‘Rise above... Reach for the stars... The sky’s the limit’. Your words meanings have meaning!! LOL Be aware, there’s clues everywhere. That’s why whatever you choose to put up with, settle for (in a situation cuz you think you don’t deserve better) whatever your choice is, every time you choose THAT? Your choice... is an evaluation of yourself. All decisions you make come from what you think you ARE. It represents the value you put on yourself. You’re not alone, you’re supported by LIFE… You have to be. It’s where you come from. STAR DUST!! HELLLLO… if, you do not FIGHT life cuz you mistakenly think it’s hurting you.

Nature doesn’t turn on itself… only intelligent beings do that. 

Yeah right, totally need to rewrite that script!

Cuz that’s just messed up. And I’ll tell you why it happens… The source of ALL conflict (which of course is inner conflict) ONLY happens when you’re split off from Yourself (so feel alone). When you’ve separated from your whole self... As in, the rest of the universe you come from, so feel small. And then everything overwhelms you (is too much for you to handle) cuz inner conflict produces FEAR, DOUBT and ANXIETY. That’s why they say you’re torn… Hellllo language again! And why would you do that… you ask? Cuz free WILL means you can do dumb shit that won’t serve you.

Just one of the perks of being human.

Cuz you’re natural state is happiness. Till someone fucks it up... but that’s only cuz you forget where you come from. YOU just need to deal with your greatness, dude! Ladies! K! From this point on… ASK yourself, with everything you DO is this a call to littleness or greatness? Then choose to do or not to do. You’ll always make the right decision. ‘Be humble, you are made of earth. Be noble you are made of stars’ a Serbian proverb. Like I said, there’s so many clues IN your language. Like it’s written all over the wall. Isn’t that another one! Or something like that? Bottom line; GODS… are noble. They’ve got a thing called POWER… That’s why. So let’s apply this insight to your life, like your girlfriend being PISSED. First thing you’ll notice is every action YOU take will bring you closer or farther to her. So judge accordingly and do not confuse the outcome of her response with who you are, just the action you took. There’s no hook to guilt this way and you won’t suffer. It’s clean. Again! That’s why they say, ‘Come clean!’ Omg! I’m getting sooo good at this. LOL Clean is a good feeling in that truth... is a light feeling (not heavy). Guilt is super heavy. When it comes to guilt… the MASTER illusionist that it is, it only lives when you die… When its convinced you, you’re defeated (hopeless) a bag of SHIT. It acts like it’s trying to save you, as it slaughters YOU.

Very talented, I must say.

So example; YOU hurt someone accidentally you feel bad (you didn’t mean to), someone else hurts you and they actually meant to… You ALSO feel bad. Like you know you didn’t do anything but somehow feel you must have made them. And when you feel BAD you feel guilty... right? And what does guilt do? What’s its function? Guilt... seeks punishment. That’s what it does (makes you hurt yourself, sabotage yourself, deny yourself). I say this to you now cuz in the case of someone being pissed at YOU unfortunately a lot of humans personalize the whole situation, which means mistakenly taking things too personally or blaming themselves for things they’re not responsible for. Like, if someone in class doesn’t smile back and you think you’ve done something wrong, when really… their dog just died.

Before we look specifically into what to DO when your girlfriend’s PISSED cuz that does require some fundamentals that for some reason are omitted from your curriculum at school. In fact, it’s rarely discussed or written about. Like! Talk about the dark ages. LOL I said it before and I’ll say it again, everything’s advancing on this planet technically, talent-wise, sports world with the exception of… your relationships. That pretty much has stayed put with the same SHIT... generation after generation. Doesn’t matter that the rules have altered, reversed or changed. How… are YOU supposed to know what to do when your girlfriend’s pissed? That’s like pretty MAJOR stuff. You end up mis-reeeading her (can’t help her) make it worse or blame her. And let’s JUST stop right there! My wings are melting just thinking about it. Dude, the MOST important thing that you need to get when dealing with a GIRL (or anyone for that matter) is… Whenever there’s anger and they’re mad (throwing shade, spazzing, freaking out) it’s always ALWAYS something that’s happened few days ago, few weeks, months or years ago and more precisely, it’s always anger at themselves... for letting it happen. For staying too long, giving too many chances, believing in someone when tail signs SHOWED it was not real (noble…). Something they didn’t feel quite right about doing, but didn’t feel exalted enough to CHANGE their mind about, call it quits, say NO, not… try again. Even if your girlfriend is blowing smoke fumes out of every orifice of her body, her eyes extremely dilated and piercing looking like she wants to EAT YOUR FACE… her anger is at herself.

Helpful? LOL

Whether it’s about her BFF, job, grade, parent or YOU it’s not really, somewhere she’s made herself steppable (got taken advantaged of) not listened to her insight, her stardust, now star droppings. Still, there is a correct way to dismantle a female warhead.

Number one… RE-ACTING to her silent treatments, rants, name-calling is a no go especially, reintroducing a past injustice you suffered in order to turn the spotlight on YOU, so she can be tempted to cater to your feelings (being hurt). If she’s fooled she’ll buy into it which TOTALLY denies the opportunity to clear the air of this perceived threat she’s feeling. Truth be told before a person can attack they must first see themselves as weak... or the need to do that wouldn’t be there. You need to keep this in mind, especially when she’s spazzing. And remember! The tongue has no bones—but is strong enough to break a heart. Be careful with your words. Oh! BTW the following things I’m telling you are designed specifically for someone YOU love or care for (not using or trying to get in bed with, trying to get back at, or need to break up with).

Number two… This one can be a bitch (no pun intended) except where it applies. LOL Seriously it can be torturous... if it hasn’t been done in a while. LISTENING… and just listening to her. Letting her take it allll out. When she pauses (IF that actually happens cuz once a girl starts especially if it’s been pent up she'll be like a runaway train with LIPS. I’m talking non-stop! BUT… if she stops and gulps or takes a breath to think if she’s said everything... ASK “What else baby? What else is bothering YOU pissing you off or scaring you? Tell me…” Until she runs out of things to say. If you’ve never done this, it’s gonna take some time just (so you know) it does build up. Like interest on a debt, first payment can really tax YOU. But this way when she’s pissed or pmsing YOU won’t have an avalanche of stuff thrown at you. And you won’t be buried alive. True that! And don’t think, you can do this ten minutes before the game. Girls HAAAATE that. And they can totally tell you’re there, but not cuz if you’re there she’d feel the shit she’s been holding onto actually go somewhere… into your receptive being. Which of course since it’s not serious for you (her BFF buying the same exact shirt as her) you’ll just shit that out on your next dump. If your mind’s thinking, “How long is this gonna take? I really wanna play my new video game.” She’ll feel like she’s on a timeline (worst feeling ever). It equals… NOT important. Not truly valued… caring minimal. And what does that mean for YOU dickhead. Oops! I mean dude. Aaaah... Fuck it I meant to say dickhead. It means… No SEX (very long time) no kissing, no touching. Sucks… And not the way you want it to. And yes, this is still number two so pay attention.

This part’s really IMPORTANT.

It is absolutely necessary for your girl to take out ALLLL the bad shit (emotions) the pressure of holding it in, is what’s killing her. We touched on that a bit in our show, The Fairy Goddess RAW go to our radio page if you wanna really understand the semantics of HOW that works (the benefits for you dude). There is emotional weight attached to those words which is attached to visual images and events. It’s weighs A LOT in her heart so impacts all decisions that have nothing to do with that. Aka... Her out look. So when she finally TELLS YOU... It’s as if those events left her body (that’s where they’re stored) and she feels lighter and more comfortable immediately! Which means, she’ll be less of a pain (for YOU) cuz it is a package deal. Girls come with their package. And if you’re careful... you’ll get a chance to unwrap it.

And you thought you were the only one with a package!

Some things are just not obvious at first. LOL Number three. Once she starts talking… don’t touch her. Don’t EVEN try. And if she lets you sit next to her AND she’s not seething and foaming at the mouth (anymore) don’t sit next to her and put your HAND on her shoulder, thigh, knee or low back. Unless you wanna end up with a nub for a wrist. These are sexual hot spots and reads as; YOU wanting sex or hoping you’ll get some (soon after). Don’t go there. Most guys get closer, through a physical means like touch, kiss, taste, feel (SEX is a no brainer) totally pulls YOU in... Couldn’t remember you address if your life depended on it. Guys... Physically present mentally absent. LMFAO It’s like you’ve been ABDUCTED. Manwhores don’t apply. Guys who sleep with anything that has a pulse don’t work the same way, they don’t work period. They’re ruptured. Emotional wall crumbled… Feel nothing.

So let’s say there was a fight and AFTER a while she starts talking to you. She doesn’t mind you sitting in her space continue to talk to her… but don’t touch her. Until she gives you the okay. That’s not how girls connect, that’s how you guys connect. It’s the words YOU say, that tip-toe in our EAR floats down and plants an invisible sticky note on our heart (filling a temporary deflated being) that affects us now. We need to smile on the inside first, then we can smile on the outside (with our body) aka receptive to your moves. We're relaxed and content you’re not tryin’ to come on to us. So we’ll giggle, lean in towards you… touch your arm, hand, thigh. Pro-tip! DON’T make stupid mistakes, like thinking what your friends say to DO when we're pissed is effective. It’s its not! Like, letting us cool off for a few days is the worst thing to DO.

Girls DON’T cool off.

They heat up! They’re not designed to cool off. That wouldn’t be practical. LOL Not gonna happen. They’re designed to overflow BLOW UP! If they don’t take things out. And then every little thing you DO makes her wanna tear OFF your  scalp cuz you have not addressed her hell, you have not eagerly pressed forward asking (often) “Are you ready to talk? Let’s TALK…” And that’s cuz in your mind, you’re giving her SPACE a lazy guy’s way of trying to appear like he gives a shit’s (but not). So he can say to himself and friends, “Well, I tried. But she’s so mad she just ignores me.” Or... “I hope its okay when we talk next. I hope it blows over.” No brah. She’ll roast YOU. The more space you give, the more her mind will find things about YOU to be pissed off about. Collecting data is what girls do automatically and it builds and builds, until they can RELEASE. Kinda like their orgasms.… it’s how they’re designed. So keep that in mind. Space equals…. She’ll be on a rampage of stormy incoherent facts cuz obviously she’ll need to fill up allll that space. And tidal waves don’t retreat until they’ve crushed everything in their path… then they're calm. So ride it like a BOSS dude. Or ignore it, see if that enhances your being in any way. All 500 million shattered pieces of it.

Number four. Don’t give up so FAST.

You wouldn’t if it was a try-out at school. If you really wanna make the team (figure out the formula, land the scholarship, whatever) you’ll try AGAIN (and AGAIN). With the resolve that, whatever it take, you’re gonna get it. Plus! When you make just ‘one’ little attempt girls see it as you not caring (enough) even if it seems huge to YOU. Girls like stamina. Girls like endurance…. A LOT. They’re designed for that too. LOL Continue to be sincere, funny (if possible) charming, witty… real. Flowers, cards, stuffed animals, helping with something she needs, a concert (music) cuz again, different words than she’s hearing in her own mind she can focus on THAT. Most important just get it through your head (both of them) girls ‘need’ to TALK. They’re talking creatures. That shows YOU care. She needs to see you’re into what she's saying. You can’t fake that. She needs to see you need her to talk about it cuz you need to understand where she's at. And if you’re truly in love, you wouldn’t be able to just ‘give up’ it would hurt YOU too much. You’d keep trying...

Number five. Sometimes GIRLS are so mad they want you to prove how much you care by being persistent (not forceful) but gentle continuing to ASK. The more she refuses to talk about it and you come back undeterred, undisturbed, unstoppable (very impressive btw) the more she feels valued. You didn’t stop… give up on her. She looks up to you… for your stamina. This is NOT for a guy where a girl’s made it clear—she doesn’t want YOU. This is reserved for close true guy friends and or boyfriend. The real deal. To all you guys who have yet to receive… a girlfriend! OMG I'm so excited for you. There’s so MUCH to look forward to there. Rest assured… That special blend of a GIRL is on route back to YOU. In a maze (perhaps) but still searching (praying you’ll find her) or healing from the wrong one. So don’t waste time. Don’t keep the one that’s right waiting, the ONE you won’t feel awkward or dumb with. The ONE you won’t run out of things to say to... The ONE that gives you energy (even though you’re DEAD tired). The ONE… you want to be better for. Your Queen… she TOTALLY exits.

Number six… Distract her. Which is suggested after phase one ‘listening’ cuz girls need to go out and do SOMETHING. Like shopping, nails, hair, drive, movie, just to name a few. And not Sex… That only heals everything bothering you, dude. They need to be in a totally different environment, so their body will start to absorb that (provided they’ve released shit it’s not plugging up their system and there’s ROOM) and whatever you do… Don’t say, “You’re just irritable.” She KNOWS this!! And even though you might be thinking, “Well maybe, if I just point it out to her, she’ll get it.” Uh… She doesn’t need to be reminded that she’s MISERABLE. She does live inside her body. She feels it. LOL So that doesn’t help. DO something about it. But for God sake don’t touch her. Unless she says she needs a hug, you’ll just have to work your way up again… or in your case down (through their heart section). And it doesn’t matter if it’s at night. Take her out of that room where she’s angry. Suggest a drive to the lake (beach) for a night picnic, a walk (somewhere pretty so she’s not staring at garbage bins or a shitty area). Trees… will always whisper to a girls emptiness. Fill it up with beauty. Remember girls equal estrogen (a feeling hormone) they process and absorb things allll day long. That’s why when something’s bothering them they CAN’T just brush it off (forget about it) even though they might try. It’s stuck ‘in their body’. They need to talk it… OUT. So don’t friggin’ try and touch her dude, touch her heart. It’s the key to how your world WORKS. So good practice!

That’s also why btw girls are programmed to TALK it makes them feel good. Just like you’re programmed to FUCK it makes YOU feel good. It’s how YOU talk. I can just see earth boy’s be like... “Bae, we need to talk… Hold on. Let me pull out my microphone speak softly and noooo tapping.” LMAOOO Communicating tool for shuuur.  Seriously when do you guys talk about your FEELINGS? When you’re having sex... or making out (soon-to-be-sex). A spontaneous emotional eruption fo shur. To re-cap! Girls need to take it out of their system via words and they also need distractions, being in a place that stimulates other senses like, smells, sounds, sight, touch… soft cuddly things. So they can focus on THAT. Rejuvenate themselves. Sometimes, depending on their connection with you they might just need to be HELD. You don’t need to say anything… just go and hold her. And bear in mind, that it’s always a lot harder for a girl to ask for what she needs, since somehow she's got it built in their system that YOU dude should be able to read her MIND. We’ll talk about THAT in another time. YOU'VE been confused about that a long time. ROFL And if you have any questions you need answered like NOW. Contact me and I'll address especially it if it's time-sensitive. And guys do not underestimate the POWER OF A HUG it enables her to just absorb YOU and your feelings for her, suffocate all the bad shit (so she can breathe again). Like, how easy is that? But if she’s furious don’t TRY to hug her.

Number 7 Don't ever tell a girl to CALM down she’ll do the opposite. If she’s ranting about all this crap between you on the phone distract her with… “I miss you.” You’ll be in SHOCK how her mood changes. JUST LIKE THAT. No matter how upset she is at you (her world, best friend, parent) it will distract her. For more in depth points on powerful ways to diffuse a girl (mother, teacher, boss) when they're about to blow…

GET the book, The Wisdom of the Penis - SOS MANUAL. Butt load of info in that one.

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