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“Hey! First thing first, I adore your writing. You may be an adult but you are the true voice of the teenagers. It’s unbelievable how you capture the things we can’t say because we are stuck in this awkward age of being in adolescence. We are expected to act like grown-ups but have all these restrictions and things that we aren’t allowed to do yet. Like everyone else we wake up, go to a place where we don’t really want to be, get judged, fall in and out of love more times then we dye our hair during our rebellious phases and yet we can all relate to ‘The Wisdom of the Penis’. The way it is written is almost like this generation’s version of the relationship bible. It deals with all relationships; it deals with the issues we all have experienced. Nichole Kolman you are someone I am proud and feel very honored to know because of how honest, kind and intelligent you are. Not only has your writing helped me but you, yourself has helped to make me the young woman I am today. ‘The Wisdom of the Penis’ is going to help young ladies around the world, but that’s the thing… You don’t have to be in your teens to read and understand the true meaning. I will be giving this book to my Mom and my friends so they can understand we are not alone in our feelings of insecurity and confusion about modern day relationships.


Although this book is written in what people my parents age would say, as ‘confusing’ we just call it “instant messaging lingo” you feel as if you are reading your own youth. Nichole is someone who is going to change the world, whether it be by one alarming, eye-catching title at a time, whatever. The title of the book may seem shocking, but the real boner is the content. Thank you on behalf of all the girls you have helped, whether it was before, during or even too late, we all realize how lucky we are to have you as a friend. A real inspiration. xxxx

– Mariah