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The Wisdom of the Penis - S.O.S. Manual

The Wisdom of the Penis is born out of a NEED to set things straight. To bring to awareness that WE girls are major contributors to a guy’s approach, reaction and demonstration of love (or disgust) towards us. Focused on guys, it recognizes their hunger to get it RIGHT, be the Man... have Purpose.

The Wisdom of the Penis stares down critical issues of today, breaks the fog of fads (media control, celebrity trends, social brainwash) while putting an end to the paradox of today’s girls... What we need, what we want and the unlikely way we go about getting it. It puts guys on solid ground, so they're not torn between NOT knowing when to Man-up (hold back) be logical, draw the line. In a time where the only insight to LOVE is through hook ups and online interaction The Wisdom of the Penis WAKES us up to the fact that physiologically as well as psychologically, it is our inherited birthright to JOIN with each other harmoniously (in sync) complementing each other, ‘just like our parts’!  And that complete bliss... indeed is possible and should be expected.

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