As a teen…

Nichole was incredibly drawn to the health world, sports and the value of LOVE. The boys from school would chill in front of her house… ask questions. She loved speaking to a crowd. She was pulled to flying through the air… joined gymnastics. Felt like a mermaid, for as long as she can remember… joined swimming. Was told she had a black soul… was a street dancer. Her talents led to special treatment. Her mind and wit attracted popular kids while keeping bullies at bay, sidetracked a sexually abusive coach and made her feel, like she could do ANYTHING. Her dance abilities and ‘won’t take no for an answer’ attitude left an impact. Landed her TV appearances while still in school and a dance scholarship with Les Ballet Jazz (with no formal training). She was told she could never be a a cheerleader (didn’t fit the stereotype) she went on to prove there could always be an ‘exception’. While leaving an abusive environment at home she landed a spot with the Toronto Argonaut Cheerleaders. Later went on to win the Miss Dance Canada Pageant and was featured on an album cover while co-starring in two films, one with Keanu Reeves. Without an agent. She was on a roll.

At 22 she moved to Los Angeles. At Gold’s Gym (Venice) she grabbed the attention of celebrities, top athletes and coaches, with her intense training. Charles Glass (Guru of the bodybuilding world) took her under his wing. As she flexed her way to the overall Novice NPC Bodybuilding Championships, she appeared in the Muscle Flex Magazine, got her first story ‘Fear Strikes Out’ published in Vision Quest Magazine and was approached by a makeup artist who became her very first client. She dove into the personal training platform and was hired by The Beverly Hills Health Club. Her unique approach to training and in-depth diet programs put her in high demand and she branched out on her own. She was held in high esteem and won accolades by her clients for giving ‘advice’ stemming from her uncanny insight into life and human behavior. Record Producer, James Carmichael her client and friend, could not believe how she saw into him. He said, “Nichole… One day you will WRITE.” Nichole answered, “But, I don’t know big words.” He replied. “YOU will write… simple, to the masses, like Jesus did.” Nichole was SHOCKED. All she could say was… “Uh… Yeah. Right…”

Receiving solid reviews for her theatrical performance in Brighton Beach Memoirs (as Norah) she headed to New York. She was accepted at the prestigious William Esper Studio and studied acting, polishing her innate ability to tap into another person’s emotional field. The severity she experienced in New York while her father had Cancer, forced her to leave her studies so she could help her mother take care of him, then returned months later to face loss of clients, eviction, sleeping in the subway (brush with death). This , heightened her senses even more. She rebuilt her mind and strength through training, challenging her landlord to accept training sessions to pay off her debt, gained five new clients in two weeks and landed a gig on The David Letterman Show. She then headed back to L.A. But New York depleted and exhausted her. She reluctantly returned to Toronto. Still… her attitude was, “If you’re drowning make like a diver—FIND THAT BLUE PEARL!” And that’s exactly what she did. She rebuilt her business, became a TV sports expert, landed a guest spot on TSN’s ‘Off The Record’ with Michael Landsberg, hosted Sweat – Sports with an Edge on OLN, became a sports commentator for the All Strength Fitness Challenge and had a recurring guest spot on Talk Radio Am 640. After developing a Charity Production for the Special Olympics with her group Fit to Soar, she began to focus and observe the interaction of guys and girls in the gym and with her clients (their actions/patterns/traps/verbal sparring) that over spilled to cafes, libraries, malls, streets and gave birth to… Relationship Issues From an Athletic Point of View’. And has been non-stop ever since!