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It’s the beginning of the year! Enough JUST lookin’ at her YOU’VE got a penis. It points for a REASONGo get the friggin’ girl! If you’re not sure how, we’ll go over the first few steps right here.

Step 1: I’m assuming you’ve been studying her for a while. Maybe, you got thrown off your game, when you noticed she HAS a boyfriend, or some know-it-all guy’s talking to her, like he OWNS her. You want to say something but it never gets passed your lips. First things first. YOU must realize you totally DESERVE to have someone like HER. You need to (I’m talking NOW) write 5 things about yourself that you ABSOLUTELY love. And that’s NOT vain, conceited or selfish…

K maybe, selfish.

But it’s righteously selfish. Totally necessary! You need to take stock of alllll you have to offer, so that when you walk over to her… TALK. You know your value. YOU know what she’s GETTING. You know what you’d be contributing to her life and that no one else CAN.

Step 2 Taking action. You need to be pumped… but chilled. Not too lax… but confident. Not too talkative, but engaging. Not take over, but lead the way. So being with you feels effortless, intriguing… inspiring.  There’s MORE. It’s a bit involved…Inside… The Wisdom of the Penis.


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