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The MIND is a very powerful thing…

It can work against YOU

When we’re self critical, hard on our selves but don’t even feel like we are, put ourself down. It can also work for YOU when it drives you to go after something or someone. Everything in front of you (now) was at some point a THOUGHT. Thoughts TURN to things…

If you hold a thought (that naturally has a feeling attached to it) and keep that consistently in your head you’ll feel the same feeling of that thought like when you first had it or when it first actually happened. Thinking about HER/HIM and keeping your mind only on what they DID TO MAKE YOU HAPPY, all the great times you had (how you first MET) not what they did or what went down and you will see… things CHANGE very quickly. It doesn’t matter how severe things ‘seem’ right now. You have the power to shift reality—go back through a portal of bliss… BRING them back to YOU. Just don’t get freaked out when     it ACTUALLY happens, or it’ll reverse. Cuz that freaked out feeling is a feeling that says, ‘I DON’T deserve that. It’s like telling the world to un-do what just happened—you’re not quite ready for happiness and JOY… right this second. You fucked it up so bad.

And as insane as that sounds… that’s what humans DO.

In order to pull this off No.1 You must keep your mind on alllll the great things between you two that happened already (AS IF it’s still going on). Yeah. That’s a good idea! Make a LIST. As far as your friends are concerned, as soon as they see you allll happy n’ shit, reminiscing n’ shit they’ll think you’re delirious. LOL be like, “Omg… you’re in denial. It’s OVER.” You’re like, “Really…? Well I CREATE my own reality. So I can make ANYTHING happen. It’s my SUPER power. Just haven’t shown it yet.” Or, you can leave it at… “Reeeally?” Then show how you change everything. Course, they’ll be spooked when they see it happen, you’ll be popular n’ stuff. But that won’t interest you. Cuz you’ve just discovered that YOU will never be the SAME again.

No.2 This one’s important. Do NOT be sad when you think of them, since you’re truly going back in TIME to when you were happy (with them) bringing that to REAL TIME. Keep your mood happy, just like it was when you were TOGETHER. To make this easier for you, if I was YOU I’d just pretend they were on vacation for a few days (and you get to have that delicious feeling of missing ‘em). Give it 3 DAYS. Watch what happens. It’s important that you keep happy (in the meantime) or it won’t work. It’s critical NOT to speak of them (or anything else for that matter) in a regretful, sad or pathetic way. Do not criticize them, do not let anyone else criticize them (talk about them) it’s between YOU and Fate NOW. Tell your friend (parent, sibling) you’re in a good place, not to mess it up for you. Once you get back together you can always go over everything and get it cleared out, what you thought it meant… what they thought it meant, how it hurt, what you felt (thought etc).

If you keep yourself UP… Do OTHER things you love, laugh A LOT, sing, spend time with your cat, dog (snake) think of alllll the reasons (make a different list) why you’re so fortunate in your life right now, that feeling (vibe) has to match with something else that makes you that happy. And will bring it to you. And cuz you are not feeding their hate vibe right now, your mind is gonna reach THEIRS. They won’t know why they’re thinking all this good shit about you (and them) and they’ll start to miss what they’re feeling (which is fed by your THOUGHTS about them). Like attracts to like… in the vibe world. It’s LAW. Opposites attract only with humans (such dumb animals, at times) LOL We only really want something AFTER we don’t have it anymore. Everything stems from a thought.

Stand apart from THOUGHTS not worthy of YOU.

If done CORRECTLY… One of two things WILL happen. They will call you out of the blue. Or life SENDS you someone exactly LIKE them, minus the assholeness of their nature. It HAS to… more info on making getting your ex back FOOL-proof… in the BOOK. The Wisdom of the Penis – SOS Manual

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