Feeling SMALL… How to take your GREATNESS back!

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People are always trying to get us to THINK positive. Seems harmless enough, but does it really work? And why can’t we stay that WAY when shit happens?! Why… is the trust (that things will turn out positive) not there at that point? We go READ horoscopes daily just to make SURE we’re prepared (incase something bad happens) or to see that our luck has changed. LOL For some of us it’s hard to EVEN say, “Things are gonna turn out GREAT. No matter what! Life always works out for me!” We’re scared we’ll jinx it.

A couple things at play here:

  • Thinking positive doesn’t work if it’s linked to just a thought and NOT the whole part of YOU (knowing you’re awesome/people always there for you/everything always ends up your way/feeling entitled to good stuff happening.)
  • The words are EMPTY. Hollow. Kinda like, when a guy’s like, “I love you. Can we fuck now?” LOL Even if the guy’s sayin’ I LOVE YOU, if there’s no hesitation (subtle choking, staggering) on those words (some sign of struggle) they’re not directly attached to his heart—JUST his dick, which is why it can sound very intense. LOL Saying those words… to a guy, means A LOT. They’re not easy to come out. Opposite of his dick—very easily to come out. ;P
  • We feel small inside. We don’t feel like we can occupy MORE space on earth. Example: Be in the spotlight, get all the attention, have good things happen (like they do with other people) be part of  the human race. LOL
  • Any form of abuse or shame will make you feel SMALL (without YOU being aware of it).

The first thing we need to examine:

Who and where have we been MADE to feel small?

Cuz this is NOT Disneyland. It’s not a small world—it’s a BIG ass world. And a lot of stuff we want here!! And it’s actually ours already, from our soul’s perspective for sure, only they’ve been circumcised out of our life.


Is the BIGGEST taker of life, it’ll be the first place you can identify your feeling of being ‘small’. Your mom, dad, brother, sister (family secret) status, race, depending on where you live (can’t believe THAT’S still going on) will all be a part of it. Humans are slow to transform and transcend—trans-fatty acids INSTANT. We want pizza now! LOL Another indication of someone making YOU feel small comes from how they TALK to you. This includes (particularly) your girlfriend, boyfriend, parent, coach, sibling (fo shur) BFF.


  • “Why are you asking me AGAIN? I told you a hundred times.”

Heads up! If they’re asking again it’s cuz they ACTUALLY don’t remember (have short term memory loss/can’t retain or absorb information/never heard it clearly the first time) immediately distracted during (or after) hearing you. When someone says, “You’re a BIG girl. Figure it out for yourself.” and yeah, it can be encouraging if you’re actually 3 or 5 years old. Totally un-fucken inspiring to hear from someone who you’re honestly seeking help from (not sure of what to do). Making someone feel stupid is NEVER a way to teach, making someone feel like something is wrong with THEM is never a way to inspire them to learn.

Guilt never teaches through inspiration… It doesn’t teach period.

People need to start really LISTENING to what’s being asked and not projecting their own self-perceived defects onto YOU. Chances are, if they’re making you feel STUPID (for asking) or under par, somewhere they feel SMALL (not good enough) so they accentuate how MESSED UP they are through YOU. Well… You don’t need to be anybody’s STAND-IN. Enough. Stop them in their tracks and TELL them not to try  to make you feel small for ‘asking’. You’re asking cuz you don’t know. You’re asking cuz you WANT to know. Once you identify all the places people, friends or loved ones that are making you feel SMALL and stop them, a couple of things will happen.

YOU start to stand up for yourself allll over the place! LMAOO

YOU start to expect things going in your favor. YOU start to expect (cuz you feel it) ENTITLED so start sayin’ things like, “One day I’m gonna be KNOWN as the most MAGICAL author ever!”

(Had to put that in) LOL

Positive thinking statements work when THEY have a history of action you’ve taken that confirms that statement is true. The action (you’re called to take) arises from the body and when you recall it… speak the positive words, your body FEELS the success (confidence/strength) at that moment. It’s REAL…

It’s ABOUT breaking through barriers and there’s nothing that feels better in Life than BUSTING through something you thought wasn’t possible (smile just doesn’t leave your face). LOL Recall those moments (OFTEN).

Those that trust in life… trust in themselves.

THEY… are Life.

It’s their World—their Kingdom they get to say what goes where. And if things work out ‘differently’ than planned… They KNOW it’s gonna be even better and that’s called; ‘Divine Timing’.

When your expectation of yourself is HIGH, you just expect great things from others (as well). And when you do that whole-heartedly, people just don’t wanna let you down. It’s not the same when you’re hopeful (or half think they’re not gonna do it) cuz you’re already half expecting them to do that. You’re kinda waiting for it silently, prepping… as best you can. Your guidance system will always take YOU to that which is like yourself. If you DOUBT… you’ll bring (attract) doubtful situations to you (prove that you were right) keep you a slave in your own mind. It’s set up like that cuz otherwise, your whole infrastructure will come tumbling down (which is the only one you know) you’ll be lost, not know how to navigate yourself in the world (cuz INSIDE you believed things worked out a certain way) so it needs to show YOU what you believe.

Key things to remember…

If you are hesitant to make your claim, tell yourself (others) EXACTLY what you intend to do, it’s cuz you feel small (somewhere) inside:

  • Cuz you fear saying it LOUD and proud (cuz then the gods of ‘PAYBACK’S A BITCH’ may hear you… You’ll be made to suffer.
  • Cuz you don’t feel you have the right… to want SO MUCH.
  • Cuz you don’t feel you CAN get to all that.
  • Cuz you were never supposed to want that much.


THIS is the bombardment of rodent infestation in your mind, that eats your soul…without you knowing it.

Exception to the Rule:

Having a concrete GOAL and baking it (not telling anyone until it’s cooked) so people don’t throw their own ingredients in, mess it all up. Then it turns lopsided and they’re like, “See! I told YOU, you couldn’t do that.” Even then, I’d be like… “REALLY?” And go introduce to the world your lopsided CREATION so that people could experience a whole new dimension!! Be choosey when you are creating and let your bubbling enthusiasm tell them some amazing shit is about to HAPPEN to you. Let your energy SPEAK. It’s a lot more powerful… even the chipmunks will respond to that! LOL

Repeat after me!








How do YOU feel?



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