Do I REALLY love her?

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Do I really love her? The most critical question you’ll ever ask dude. Everything points to you loving her, I mean… she is YOUR girlfriend. But how come you’re not so sure? And not to mention the toll it’s taken on YOU girl, cuz you’ve given everything to him (you drop your plans at a moment notice, cancel your friends, take 3 buses to see him, YOU sacrifice) so you don’t get it. Cuz it’s clear  AF—he should be in love with YOU!

K… A guy’s sense of KNOWING is jeopardized here. WHY? Why’s his absolute certainty that he loves YOU in question, when you’re so tight? Kinda weird… The fact that YOU dude, in your own mind… DON’T know. No one else can know for you. YOU need to know… YOU need to be sure! So what the fuck… is going on? I’ll tell you… And it has nothing to do with you, really. Well, maybe indirectly. But once you see what it is I’m about to tell you I promise you… YOU will never doubt, wonder, be unsure or guess… You’ll know. And that sense of certainty will over spill to your LIFE. You will be sure  of everything you chose to DO, fight for, back off of, make the decision to GO for. Listen up cuz what I’m about to tell you is uber important and is gonna change EVERYYYYTHING.

K… If we look out at the world we see that things are accelerating, everything is moving forward BUT the most important thing. OUR relationships, they’re moving backwards. No surprise…  most of us are stuck in the past, anyway. And given it’s the same o’l formula… YOU meet. You’re excited… ninety days go by (what I call the fairy tale phase) and its same conflict, triggers and shit… that happens. Although we girls are making headway pushing for rights and stuff it’s like, we’ve given the most important RIGHT away! The power of our femininity, our delicateness, that passive magnetic sweet-spot, an ability to make things happen effortlessly. We’re not advancing we’re having a relapse. We’re losing power, the kind that’s inherited… and IS our birthright. Our ability to INSPIRE transformation. It’s in our genetics for God’s sake!

Just like combat… Push against push will always lead to more conflict cuz the war becomes about WINNING the cause and its message is obscured. USING the opposition’s force to turn on itself by stepping away from battle and on to higher ground accomplishes 3 things… A higher perspective from which to teach, an un-threatened viewpoint (fo shur) a clearer vision of the peace we’re aiming for.

So the media thinks it’s empowering us by letting us think we’ve got all the control as long as WE (girls) go after you guys. WE tell you we wanna be serious, cuz we’re like through waiting for you to decide. We CALL the shots. We take charge. And with the pressure off, some of you guys are actually likin’ this. YOU figure… It’s a lot clearer this way (and cheaper). If a girl likes you she’ll let you know. No mishap. No misfire. No guess work. Meanwhile we girls aren’t paying attention to our feelings cuz it’s diss-sensitized—it’s all about the SEX now. We wanna MASTER it! (Cuz that means power) KNOWING how to control your body means, you’ll stay. So we put up with more (cuz we want some) do whatever it takes (cuz we need it) go above and beyond (blow jobs/buy you things/fight your battles/fight against OTHER BITCHES) so we can have it (your dick) when it should be the other way around. YOU impressing us. Guess we didn’t get the memo.

There’s just so much middle-man activity going on with media, social interference, celebrity fads (people who control them tell ’em what to do) we just CAN’T see straight. The obvious is not so OBVIOUS. Like… How everything’s reversed and we’re actually doing MORE of the work in a relationship. WHERE’S equality there? But that’s okay we’re made to think we’re in control. Heads up! Love doesn’t yield to control—control yields to LOVE—that’s why it owns your ass. You can’t make love artificially happen no matter how many blow jobs you give. Honestly, this whole relationship thing needs a serious colonic.

Honestly. Firstly, if we’re the ones running after you guys, telling you we love you, proposing n’ shit, at some point you guys are gonna wonder and ask yourself, “Did I TELL her I love her cuz I do or cuz she said it FIRST? Did I say I wanna make it official (be serious) marry her cuz I WANT to or cuz she ASKED me?” 

It’ll haunt you the rest of your life…

Looking at it entirely from a Fairy Goddess perspective it’s funny, that you guys use your body for sex (usually without reservation). When the dick calls – your pants FALL. You know you won’t lose out… It’s win/win for YOU. Just aim – shoot – SCORE. We on the other hand, usually wait to feel closer… trust (so we don’t just feel like you made away with some) K, maybe just this once… we hope. Since our investment with you (having sex) has to do with wanting more of that plus the emotional frills, since SHARING feelings is a big high for us, we’re careful.

YOU guys have a body that fucks easily and cuz you’re designed that way it’d be your MIND… you’d use to gauge love, not your ass (since it doesn’t discriminate–especially today). So it’s critical that your mind be involved in the final process. It MAKES the decision that you’re in love, it tells you cuz it has the final say. That’s how you guys know for sure… to be deprived of using that faculty means you’re not functioning fully and therefore WILL be questioning it (later). On the same token we girls (and I’m not talking skanks) hesitate to use our body (right away). With us… it’s our vag not our head that has the final say (and we know this) that’s why we wait. We know what’s gonna happen. It’s HOW we bond to you (through our body) then it’s tough as hell to let you GO (no matter what type of asshole you become).

It’s understandable… You guys CAN’T say ‘I love you’ so fast (unless you’re a player) since your mind is the deciding factor, we girls CAN… since words are thoughts from our mind (NOT our deciding factor) which is then very obvious when we ask ourselves three months in… “WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?” This is also why it takes you guys so long to fall in love (truly) with us it’s fairly quickly (if we let YOU in). So saying I love you to a guy first and/or getting down on one knee (WTF?) when it’s imperative it come from HIM(his mind) not YOU telling him, then receiving an automatic response (if he’s not ready/not there/not decided) out of guilt, and/or fearing to lose or upset you. Why are we fucking with the bare essentials? YOU need to get the book to find out… LOL

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