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Relationships can be really tough, especially when you’ve mistaken it for the REAL deal, only to find out… it’s real SHIT.  I need you to know, you’re OKAY… no matter what.

Seriously, let’s look at a guy and girl…

If you look at a guy and a girl, you’ll notice there are two parts that fit together quite easily. It’s NOT like, you guys have a dick that’s in the shape of a staircase. And you have to twist it, shape it (hopefully not break it in the process) to make it fit… It FITS. We’re meant to fit to be together. SO… If our outer body is specifically designed to join so effortlessly I ALSO believe the emotional blueprint of how to get along really easily (WITHOUT all this crap we go through) lies in the body TOO. I know… Hard to believe. Right?  For something to be developed SO fucken perfectly (and that BTW stands for all things in nature) doesn’t matter, if you believe it came from God, the Universe, Buddha, Allah, Jesus. Or it just went BOOM! Everything materialized. It’s STILL perfect…

K let’s look at a male and female polar bear. We can tell whose who. With us, we’re not so sure (especially TODAY). Behavior is KEY… And it’s not about giving up anything (feminism) or any other self perceived or media induced “rights” we’re supposed to have in the romantic realm (that needs to be cut out) in order to have peace and ease. It’s about the synchronicity of two people. How they move to and from each other EMOTIONALLY. How they vibe (together). Does one get silent when they’re pissed and the other gets more aggressive when ignored?

 FEAR needs to be crushed here.

What’s actually holding us back from getting what we want, saying how we feel (instead of exploding) being honest and authentic with someone (so it can be real) is… FEAR. And when fear rules it means all decisions, thoughts and wants are presented on a platter of DOUBT. Anything that has fear involved… will backfire eventually. Don’t take my word for it just trace it back to the LAST decision YOU made in fear… cuz you avoided saying something, waited to say something, did or didn’t do something in order to NOT get a certain response, you THOUGHT you’d get. Which of course, ensured that you’d get that exact response you were trying to AVOID. LOL

If fear was to be completely wiped out (NOT in your vocabulary) it’d mean you’d have to be OKAY with… WHO you are (your emotions, insecurities) no judgment on what you know or don’t know. Complete TRUST in what you’re capable of doing or not doing, knowing you’re perfect right at this moment. Just like a child (nothing to prove) everything you want you believe will eventually COME to you. Just like a child who expects… and gets.. Cuz I’ll tell YOU right now, if you look back at all the disappointment, devastation and disasters you HAD, you’d see that it made YOU turn a certain way, brought to a new place (where you met someone) or you were told something (very helpful and necessary) that GOT you a NEW job! A new school, where YOU met the ONE. And cuz you were so fed up (in the scenario/relationship/job) it forced you to cut it off and along with that a part of yourself (that ALWAYS held you back).

So now you’re doing YOU… instead of him, her, them. I salute YOU man!!

Although sometimes it DOES sound contradictory to say relationships are SUCH a gift (cutting someone OFF that’s sucking your blood) huge weight off. Like, seriously do you wanna walk around with this constipated look on our face? Pure misery. Noted. YOU… will be more than okay!! Life’s GOT your back. Where you are in your development of awareness of that will dictate where you ARE and with WHOM. There is nothing WRONG with you. You’re not being punished. There are no bad choices, they all serve YOU.

 In order to PROGRESS…

Become Refined (in your sense of Self) Sharp (in your ability to see whose a waste of time) Sacred (in having the tools to have the World yield to YOU).

Just like in any sport… YOU can’t submit to fear. Although it can stand silently beside you begging for your attention, if you DO IT regardless it’ll slip back into the shadows. If you hold back cuz of fear, you’ll attract (from the inside) someone else who holds back in other ways cuz that shit lives in YOU. And it may not be apparent at first, but later it will. Course, if you’re brave and speak your thoughts and feelings once in a secured exclusive relationship, your fears will start to play peek-a-boo cuz they only come out once they feel SAFE but it will be with someone whose skilled at handling YOU in the right way (NOT get triggered and threatened by YOU).

This is where the FUN begins…

Both of you being real with each other. So she’ll burp… you’ll FART. Like, all the time. Only with me it was me who farted. But HE told me not to hold it in. Just saying… And I refuse to hold back from my man anyway. LOL Besides… He said it smells like lavender and potpourri. Imagine that. My fart smell like poo-poorri. Unless of course, I eat Turkish figs. Then it’s all OVER. No come back from THERE. We’re TALKING… pure putrefaction and he’s like,

“What’d ya do… swallow a DEAD MONKEY?!”

“Uh… I don’t eat monkeys. Besides YOU told me to. You said don’t hold it in. So just inhale deeply it’ll be all over soon.” LMFAOOO

Honestly, I don’t know what the BIG deal is. It’s just a puff of air. Though, I have to admit OUR silencers can get to YOU (guys). We’ll be snuggling on the couch, tucked deep inside your chest and all of a sudden there’s this green mist in the AIR…and the furniture starts to melt.  You’re on your elbows crawling to the door cuz you learned in science class, hot air rises. So heads up (or rather down) when a girl FART.

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