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Nichole did what others couldn’t… listen. She could listen to more than just problems, she could hear the tone in my voice. The amount of weight I carried with each story as one progressed darker, she could visualize the pain I had. It was incredible, simply because she gave me power to see where to go, to lead me on the right path. She’s a life mentor, a guardian. She’s a special person with a gift to give people, the courage to walk away from shadows, to back away from dark tunnels. She gave me the courage to turn away from those who did me wrong, she gave me a lantern, a special lantern that lit up the dark. I have no desire to do drugs.

I knew I needed to see her because I couldn’t take it anymore. I had no strength to fight my demons, to cast aside my temptations. She showed me courage, she showed me a plan… A plan to jump to an opportunity of a lifetime. My life. I cried in front of Nichole nor did I care if anyone saw. The only thing was, I loved how she still listened and knew. Just KNEW what to say, how I felt, where I was coming from. You know, if it wasn’t for January 29th 2013, 9:05pm when I saw her, my life would be out of control… Spiraling down into a world of addiction, no sense of love and feeling, just temptation… winding and winding. Nichole is and will always be more than a treasure or an asset, she is a gift. She is inspiration, she is a message in a bottle, cast upon an open sea, reaching out to anyone whose interest is to read what this message in a bottle is. She’s more than advice, she’s an artisan whose only objective is to shape our world alive. To build an empire of our own, to fill it with knowledge, wonder and love.

Side note: Nichole, ever since that day I have no desire for pot nor those who I surround myself with. You have honestly altered my life once again. I remember the first time I cried on the phone with you, you gave me the strength to turn away from the girl who hurt me, the vultures picking at my dead Tony, to lift him up and nurture him.

P.S. I fully extend an invitation to my wedding. I don’t know where she is but you’re invited and it’s happening. lol!!