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Nichole, thank you so much! Your insight has proved invaluable! 😀 With what happened twice I thought I was going to lose it. I couldn’t stand that whore of an ex that was giving lap dances to some guy that I hated at the bus stop. I thought that I was going to kill them all, I felt pissed at both the guy and my ex. Moreover, I felt stupid about myself, because I asked her out before. I saw someone beautiful, not a slut. But this is where you showed me how different you were from everyone else. You didn’t say ‘ignore it’, you showed me a way to not just stop her actions—that really hurt me, but to change how she behaved towards me. And as I did what you said when she was trying to be a slut, she never did it again. It worked flawlessly! She never waited for me to come to the bus stop, and she never did it again. She’s out of my life now and all because of some simple, but golden advice that I would’ve never been able to fathom. When you gave me a chapter to read I could not believe what I was reading. Finally!!! Someone who understands us! I want to go scream at the top of my lungs about The Wisdom of the Penis! It is so NEEDED!!!! Nichole, thank you sooo much! :DDDDD