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I’d seen her before, two or three times actually. My first sight of her, I was automatically intrigued by her. Something about her told me I needed to meet her and when she approached my friend and I at a café asking for a ‘word’ (slang) for the book, I knew it was supposed to be like that. Nichole has guided my thoughts and actions positively, helping me to better understand how things worked and how my opinions on things were not what I wanted them to be. We talked about things I’d never told anyone in my life about. Nichole had an amazing glow, a positive and inspiring shimmer to her. She is my role model. My friend and I both had our eyes opened to the world that day, the minute we talked to Nichole we knew our lives would change for the better. We ended up staying about 6 hours talking and laughing, which isn’t something I’m used to as it usually takes a while for me to open up. With Nichole, everything was different. She said I needed a man who could take care of me for a change, in comparison to the others with whom I had been with (taking care of them). My second time meeting with her I brought up a guy that had caught my interest and Nichole had talked to him as well, a few months earlier. I felt that was another act of fate. She told him, he needed a girlfriend who he could take care of, and who would do the same in return. He and I had talked about it, and it essentially brought us closer and closer. With Nichole’s gentle guidance, I ended up dating him, never have been happier, both him and I owe our happiness to Nichole. We have had our disagreements and every time Nichole has been there with me, to assist me in re-evaluating the situations.

I pay great gratitude to Nichole Kolman