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I was ready to walk out the door. I knew Nichole would be the only one who would get to him. I couldn’t believe how she ‘knew’ what I was feeling. And would tell my husband in our session without me telling her. That got me to trust her. Her insight, about how my parents are, freaked me out. How would she even know my mother doesn’t throw the scraps of vegetables out, but throws it back into the soup? The assignments she left us put us on track. She brought to my awareness… me, my needs, my voice (which I never released). She made it fun. She made me laugh so much with her analogies. She made it simple and it was ‘clear’ what was off. Her concepts were   right on and made sense. I felt completely safe with her. I could NOT believe when my husband started doing the laundry, picking up his clothes—asking me if he could help me around the house. I WAS IN SHOCK. If you go to Nichole you too will be surprised, relieved (laugh a lot) see yourself, your life and your guy (girl) in a TOTAL different way. As a newlywed I had a very hard time adjusting to the changes in my life. A final conflict between my husband and I made me realize I needed some help. Calling Nichole was the best thing I could have done for myself and my marriage. She was able to make us see each other’s sides, she taught us valuable lessons that will help us in the long run and she restored my hope.