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Nichole I don’t know where to begin with the way it made me feel… after realizing. The past few days I’ve been fucked up… like ‘muddled’ and completely distant and out of it. And now that I feel like myself… and actually feel… now, that I’m back on my feet and grounded, I realized how you built this kind of haven around me while I gave myself a chance to come back together.

I just wanted to tell you how much I love you <3 it was just like an instinctive thing. You just went into this mode, that recognized what I needed to recover. And I felt safe under your wing, while you were out in the world creating miracles, I was recouping in my mini-bubble incubator. And even when we spoke it was like, different. You knew I was cut off somewhere, trying to bridge… It just made me     feel really safe while I was weak. It reminded me how much I love you. And how I’d do ANYTHING for you. No one has that. No one would recognize it… because people don’t blanket each other the way you   do. I say blanket cause it’s not like a single action! It’s like a way of being.

I love you