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I have known Nichole for six years now. I met her while she was writing her book. Instantly, I was intrigued. Once I read a sample chapter I was excited to see that the way she writes reminds me of Maria Montessori and her principles in regards to the way she developed the Montessori School System. It felt so right. The life lessons, inner tools, self value principles, connection with nature and your own instincts all matched, were sound and inspiring. It’s about time a book like this came out. Most of the information seems like ‘common sense’ however, most people are missing this knowledge. This book is meant to offer inspiration, support, wisdom, and knowledge to teens and young adults who have always wanted ‘more’, but didn’t know how to get it, didn’t fit in, felt lost, scared, pressured, hurt, or are oblivious to the mistakes they are making. This book is like the key answer to the biggest exam (life). As a Montessori teacher, I see the huge need and value in this book for our students, parents, as well as us adults, who don’t feel threatened when knowledge is presented in a way that’s designed for the generation preceding us. Since the book deals with a time when we, most likely didn’t have a book to make sense of things, it gives us closure on some things, establishes a healthy, inspired reconnection to ourselves and has the innocence, newness and energy of first-time love within sight.

Nichole presents her ideas through personal stories and metaphors, in a language young adults understand and makes it interactive. Sadly we, as well as our girls use the media as a reference on how to act and look. The media is sending incorrect and destructive messages. She addresses this on all fronts, from media control, to self image, forced peer pressure (work, school, relationships) and going against the pack. In today’s world, when watching a show or movie the female characters are usually having casual sex. This is how sex is portrayed. They almost always sleep with the guy on the first or second night, or leave that one and find someone else. Is this the message you want to be sending to your teens? Or even to adult women?

In overcoming her obstacles and during her ten year run writing this book, she’s never stopped writing, no matter what loss she incurred, health challenge or emotional pain. This enables her to reach every single person from every corner of the world. I’m always amazed by her strength and determination. Those are awesome qualities that she possesses. Anyone reading this book will feel like she’s right there. They’ll feel like they can get through anything. Nichole breaks it down and shows them how to respect themselves. This book is not only amazing it is a must for anyone, especially young adults.