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Since I’ve known you Nichole, my life has drastically changed. My perspective, my goals, the way I have learned to interpret life, my relationships, and myself belief. At the point in my life before we got to know each other, I was lonely and felt like so many things in life were just NOT worth it. I had no one that truly understood me, and I couldn’t relate to any of my other friends. I knew how smart I was, and what I was capable of, but it just seemed completely pointless to go through school MEMORIZING everything, and follow-ing a structure of a lifestyle I didn’t fit in with. I KNEW drugs would alter me in a bad way, I knew it was a waste of myself… to just waste away because I felt aware and alone. I didn’t know what to do! I didn’t know what profession I wanted to go into, I didn’t know where I was going to end up! I had decided… I’d be a gypsy. I’ll move away, somewhere in the wilderness, with nature, somewhere secluded, and not obstructed by pollution… with the one I love. And that’s what I’d do with my life. I completely felt you from the moment we met, I knew you‘d be the only one I could really talk to. Your book’s concept changed me. I’d come home to my mom and I’d be like, “MOM, TODAY IM MAKING $500.00!! OKAY.” You helped me realize the value of pursuing something that made me happy, and why it was so important TO ME to take care of myself. And that I couldn’t do it as a gypsy in a trailer park. As a woman, there are things I need, to be healthy, to be happy… and vice versa.
You helped me discover that I wanted to help people, I learned that I could. And that is why this book is so fucking important! It helps people! ACTUALLY though, it’s not like a self-help book type thing that’s BORING. Nichole your book has helped teens quit DRUGS, leave ABUSIVE UNFAITHFUL boyfriends, girlfriends, STOP drink-ing, RE-INSTILL SELF-WORTH so teens aren’t having casual sex, PURSUE their DREAMS because they believe in themselves! My friends have changed, I’ve changed, everyone that comes into contact with your life altering concepts, CHANGE.