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It was a complete surprise when you just came and sat next to me at the gym. I had only seen you there on a few different occasions. What    you did was different than what anyone else had ever done. I’ve never had anyone be so ‘exact’ about who I am, what I’ve been through, where I’m going. That’s RARE. You feel me, you know where my strength is. That’s extremely comforting. You hit the nail on the head. And I knew you knew me inside cuz I had never talked to you. You reinforced the things I wanted, needed on the way, doing. Moving in circles, you walked with me until I could move ahead—now instead of circles my focus is clear. Again, very comforting and very rare—I mean WHO DOES THAT? After you talked to me Nichole… I began to question myself less. I am not influenced by others but I was affected by you. I know now that the circle has stopped… I’m focused, I strive for people to understand me, but they don’t. You do…

Thank you.