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Nichole I feel so comfortable talking to you about my problems cuz it’s not like you just have knowledge but also the understanding that not even parents understand. It’s like you took Anatomy and Psychology at the highest of levels and just made it seem like a joke.

Nichole you’re not just the person I just want to run away to for my problems, you’re more than that and everyone knows that. You help me with problems I didn’t even think were rational and realistic. I can pretty much say your work is ‘ludicrous’ but by far the best damn thing. You’re not an average adult, the kind that’s either, snobby, horny, vile or pathetic. You’ve got funk and soul. Since when do you

see adults like that these days? Sometimes it’s better to be different and far from the norm. It’s what you’re best at Nichole. You’re what’s needed in this world.

Nichole you’re the shit! You’re like the Modern Prophet Isaiah!