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Hey everybody welcome to the Fairy Goddess RAW!!

Telling it like it is...

Here’s what I find completely hysterical about HUMANS. 

You’re always preaching JUST think positive… Seems harmless enough but does it REALLY work? I mean, why can’t you stay that way ONCE shit actually happens? Why’s the trust that things WILL turn out positive not there, at that point? Where did it GO? Did it like, sneak out the back DOOR? And then you feel like a fuck up cuz it’s such a simple thing, you can’t do! If it was really easy to do wouldn’t you just do it allll the time? Why’s it hard to think positive? Why do you need people reminding you to do that? You read horoscopes daily, just to make sure you’re prepared (case something bad happens) or to see that your luck has CHANGED in all these centuries. Some of you even find it hard to say things are great! Life’s awesome! It’s always working out for me… cuz you’re scared you’ll jinx it. K. There’s a couple things at play here I need YOU to know. And we’ll be discussing THAT and other automatic (robotic) thoughts injected into your brain—that are NOT serving you… Right here, on the Fairy Goddess… RAW. 

K! The truth IS thinking positive doesn’t work if it’s linked to just a thought and not the whole YOU. The you… that knows what YOU’RE about. That NO ONE fucks with you and only good shit happens, which is always re-routing you to keep you on path, divinely guided (constantly). And that only happens, when you’re aware of what you’re ABOUT. When you see the goods… feel the goods (get charged) that’s why there’s always a smile on your face. You know, life’s got your ass, your heart, your soul… all in a safe place. You know you’re entitled to good shit happening, you feel blessed (truly) Gratitude constantly, cuz good things are always happening! And even when they don’t, cuz you’re used to expecting things to work out (even better than you thought originally) you’ve just come to understand (are accustomed to) things working out in the end—so you don’t sweat it. And it gets to be a sorta conditioning. So you kinda wait to see where it’s leading (little curious) sometimes eager, either way you know SOMETHING awesome is about to happen… and it feels GOOD cuz once you feel blessed you can’t feel unblessed.

The problem comes in… when you learn to associate being unsatisfied with being driven when you’re going after something BIG. Have that motivate your ass to strive so you don’t become lazy AF (complacent) which means you’ll use ANGER to fuel YOU. And that means (unconsciously) scenarios and situations that anger YOU need to be there (to push you). Once a certain amount of success happens and those memories from the past like childhood abuse, fucked-up relationship, neglectful parent, is dwarfed in comparison you’ll need to create other meaningless shit to stir anger in you. And although anger put a jalapeno pepper up your butt and was quite useful to perpetuate movement, get you out of that constipated mind-set there’s just no coming up for air… just a constant struggle in some form or another cuz that’s part of your formula.

Never being satisfied, means you’re conditioning yourself to find flaw with where ever you are and never content with all you accomplish, so fail to see all your worth and could be tempted to sabotage it. Cuz in the deepest part of YOU… you don’t mount up to anything (cuz never satisfied). Where as if you’re grateful for all you acknowledge to yourself that you have NOW your mind has to mirror your thoughts by having you expect that you’ll have more, cuz you’re grateful. Which means you’ve received, so tells the deepest part of you you’ll keep receiving… cuz you’re entitled. So your expectation RISES! And that sense of entitlement becomes your DRIVE (that expectancy). Although anger serves as a powerful antidote to a severe sting like, ‘family, trauma, injustice’ by regaining your sense of self BACK, if you’re not careful it can take YOU and keep YOU in that loop… you’ve long escaped from.

A fighter will always need demons to FIGHT…

If you look at self made millionaires in the world, although with many pain launched them it’s their charity work, giving back and teaching that gives them… the feeling of gratefulness that changes their formula from anger to… I have MUCH-to-offer-and-the-world-needs-me… MODE They can now allow them self to own their joy, take it in… accept it, without the restless energy of anger… a fresh drive. They are fueled by the joy of FULFILLING others now. And as with anything you give, the feeling of that stays with YOU. Helping other people take a stand, helping them win is a lot more gratifying and empowering than you just fighting for yourself

Humans are truly all ONE

 So feel more powerful when you’re united… Indescribable bliss, there.

Another reason saying ‘just think positive’ doesn’t work is that by itself those words are hollow. So eventually you’re swallowed up by the quick sand of your situation cuz there’s no staying power, no foundation. Kinda like, when a guy’s says, “I love you… can we fuck now?” SAME thing… even if he’s like, “I love you.” If there’s no slight fear or hesitation like clearing his throat (subtle choking) gulping the very first time he says that (some sign of struggle) then the words aren’t attached to his heart—their attached to his other heart (his dick) the one with a hard-on… now for sure. I HAAAAD to! LOL

Seriously… Saying I love you, for a guy is huge and means A LOT. It doesn’t come out so easily (he goes through a lot) opposite of his dick (that’s comes out very easily).

Now although words and thoughts are designed to make you feel a certain way, they can’t make you feel that way if their not filled with emotion (rich in feeling) or if there’s a block short-circuiting that feeling… like feeling small. One of the LARGEST blocks you humans have IS feeling small. Kinda ironic isn’t it? True… but expected in your earth experience, cuz it’s all about coming you into your OWN... which means whipping off the cloak and dagger. Cuz it’s definitely about blame and family secrets, espionage… your sibling spying on YOU. You never did get over that, things not appearing the way they really are—especially from your friend’s perspective (that’s fo shur) but you CAN’T tell… Feeling small means you can’t stand up for yourself, you’re not allowed to want more… or BETTER. You don’t feel you can take up a lot of room. So you don’t really mind being out there… on the edge, where no one can reach you. Though at times, tempted to jump and dive into that darkness… it’s almost as if you belong there (seems peaceful). You don’t have to try and be normal—cuz that’s just fucken agonizing! It’s also not comfortable for you to be in the spotlight (have all that attention). What if they find out WHO you really are?! This isolation… this watching life from a distance behind these invisible bars (even if they are just in your head) you’re still just observing… not being part of the human race, cuz you don’t think you fit in. Cuz you feel like mini mouse.

Cuz your greatness has been fucken KIDNAPPED!!

And if I could ZAP ‘em I’d electrocute their nostrils so their nose hairs be on FIRE!! Problem with that, it’d be a planet of humans with all these little tee-pee lit nostrils. All your animals would RUN!! And how on earth would you ever learn about PATIENCE… instincts, unconditional LOVE? You’d be so deprived.

Since your power has been hidden from you, for a long time it’s quite understandable that you feel weak (pathetic in nature) at times. THAT just shows your reasoning powers are fully intact! Cuz there’s reasons you feel that way… BUT that’s not WHO… you are (never have been) never will be.

Any form (witnessed or direct) of abuse… will cause shame. Make you doubt everything without even you being aware of it and cause you to feel small, which will make you feel like you need protection, so you’ll cling to a parent, person, or an idea. The first thing you need to do is examine by whom and where have you been MADE to feel small? Cuz this is not Disneyland. It’s not a small world—it’s a BIG ass world. And there’s a lot of stuff here YOU want! That actually HAS your name on it.

Fairy Goddess privilege, I get to know things. LOL

So it’s ALREADY yours just waiting to connect with you, only it’s been circumcised out of our life. That’s gotta hurt. SHAME… is the biggest taker of Life. It’ll be the first place you can identify your feeling of being small, your, mom… dad… coach (boss) brother, sister (family shit…) Status! Race, depending on where you live. Can’t believe THAT’S still going on. How fucken prehistoric!

A solid indication of someone making YOU feel small comes from how they TALK to you. This includes particularly, your girlfriend (boyfriend) parents, (teacher, coach, guidance counselor, sibling) fo shur BFF. Example; When they’re like, “Why are you asking me AGAIN? I TOLD you a hundred times.” Heads up dumb fuck! If they’re asking (again) it’s cuz they ACTUALLY don’t remember. Have short term memory loss, can’t retain or absorb information, never heard it clearly the first time, immediately distracted (during or after) hearing it. Or… Here’s a thought! YOU were not coherent or clear in your diction or pronunciation and/or slurred (garbled) or just fused the whole damn thing together so they couldn’t even make out what you were saying. So… If someone’s asking again, it’s cuz they don’t know or need to know… again. CAN’T recall… has a memory block with that scenario or topic (so is frozen cuz triggered) so don’t be make them feel small… Be the enlightened one HOLD a lantern up for them to see why… it wasn’t remembered. Help them attain a higher level. There’ll always be a gem for YOU to keep when you seek to add value… instead of taking value, away. You can’t help someone ascend without ascending yourself… You also can’t bring someone down, without lowering yourself… to do it.

A person’s ignorance IS your bliss.

(Deep… but I KNOW you can take it)

Here’s another example. When someone’s like, “You’re a BIG girl. Figure it out for yourself.” And yeah, that’s encouraging if you’re actually, three or five. Totally un-fucken inspiring to hear from someone who you honestly need help from and not sure what to do… Making someone feel dumb is NEVER a way to teach. Making someone feel like something’s wrong with them… is never a way to inspire.

Guilt doesn’t teach through inspiration—it doesn’t teach PERIOD.

And that’s cuz people are focused on the first message which is paralyzing… That they’re STUPID for even asking so can’t function properly in order to obtain the information, you’re trying to give. YOU humans really need to start listening to what’s being asked and not project your own stupid shit on to others (your self-perceived threats or defects). Chances are, if you’re making someone feel dumb for asking (under par, whatever) somewhere YOU feel small (not good enough), so get a chance to play a different role for a change. YOU do this by accentuating how messed up they are when you interpret them not knowing something… as fucked.

To all you individuals who have suffered this kind of treatment—enough of being someone else’s stand-in (cuz they don’t feel good enough). YOU direct your own debut! Center stage, man! You can always let them know if there’s any callbacks for backstage props, like fire hydrants.

They get pissed on here, don’t they? 

Perrrfect… The one thing you need to keep in mind, people only get agitated when they have a pre-existing wound already there… or they’d react in a neutral way, since they haven’t had that experience (so haven’t formed an opinion) and wouldn’t label it such (in their own head) cuz they wouldn’t recognize it as such. They wouldn’t have a meaning attached to it either! Example; Not knowing… means you’re stupid. They’d answer your question with full intention to help YOU. Truth be told, humans love to feel useful. It raises their sense of value. Except when it’s whittled away and they’re trying to find scraps to add to it, so have to cut you down to size… small.

So if I were YOU…

Next time someone’s trying to make YOU feel small (aware of it or not) stop ‘em and tell ‘em NOT to make you feel small for ‘asking’. You’re asking cuz you don’t know. You’re asking cuz you WANT to know. Once you identify all the people and places this ACTUALLY happens and put a halt to it, a couple of things will happen… YOU start to stand up for yourself allll over the damn place! All the fairies are ecstatic on my planet, start glowing n’ shit. Everybody’s like… WHO’s that?! Is that the quiet guy that always kept to him self? YEAHHH… Till he steam rolled over your ass. You also start expecting things to go in your favor. You start to expect cuz you feel it (entitled) so start sayin’ things like, “One day I’m gonna be known as the MOST powerful illuminator in the WORLD—major kick-ass demon squashier!!

(Haaaad to put that in cuz that’s what I AM…)

That’s why I was brought to your planet. Actually, if you must know I escaped… Seriously, I couldn’t bear to think that I’d be on a planet where alllll they do is have sex. All the time!! That’s all fairies do—is fuck. I wanted and needed to learn… that there’s more out there. And that’s why this place is so different. YOU get to experience love… Well, those of you that refuse to settle that is. You’re a very unique SPECIES—how come you don’t SEE that? Maybe, in your frustration trying to remember, that frustration over spills to others that are different… cuz it reminds YOU, you don’t fit in… cuz you can’t remember where you come from. Which means all the power available to you is also a distant memory, so you make dumbass mistakes like… Listen to anyone that’s popular without first using your guidance system to check if it resonates (with YOU) which means, the energy in your body will go UP. Oh! Yeah… you don’t pay attention to your feelings a lot, here. They’re JUST feelings. It’s ABOUT your brain… telling you.

Did YOU know that your brain can be influenced but your gut-feeling CAN’T? It’s authentic to the core, it’s consistent. It always knows… waaay before your brain’s even had a chance to look at all the variables. That’s why, you can see a person where you work and just KNOW you like ‘em (wanna spend time with them) get serious without asking a single question.

It’s also knows…

Positive thinking statements work when you have a history of action you’ve taken that confirms, those statements as true. Like… YOU said you were gonna do something and you did it (in spite of all the people who said you wouldn’t). The action you’re inspired to take arises from the body’s memory so when you speak it confidently (strong, affirmative and positively) your body feels the success of that… in the moment. Real time, so it’s real to you. And you know, even if know one else does.

Those that trust in life… trust in themselves cuz THEY… are LIFE. It’s their World—their Kingdom, they get to say what goes where. And if things work out differently than planned, they know it’s gonna be even better, and that’s called; being shown, ‘divine favor’. Like! When your guy or girl cheats! Honestly! They’ve just been blocking the way for your twin flame to come in!! So be happy AND thankful. Your debt… is paid off.

When your expectation of yourself is high you’ll just expect great things from people as well, cuz it’s all you know. And when you do expect the best in people (whole-heartedly) they just don’t wanna let you down, that energy is hard to resist. It’s kinda like, a little boy smiling ear to ear cuz he fully expects you to play with him. Doesn’t matter if you’re exhausted and burnt to a crisp somehow… it’s gonna happen. It’s a whole other thing when you’re hopeful (only half think they’re gonna do it) cuz you’re already half expecting them NOT to. You’re kinda waiting to see which way it’ll go—and at that point it’ll go ANY way the wind blows. Cuz your energy is split off from the certainty that is YOU…

Your guidance system will always match you with whatever your energy is. That’s what sparks you, that home-like feel of familiarity. If you doubt… You’ll bring and attract doubtful situations to you (just to prove to yourself, you were right), keep you a slave in your own mind. It’s set up like that cuz otherwise your whole infrastructure comes tumbling down (which is the only one you know). You’ll feel lost, not know how to navigate yourself in the world cuz inside you believed things worked out a certain way, so your guidance system needs to show YOU what you believe. If you’re hesitant to make your claim (tell yourself or others) exactly what you intend to do, its cuz somewhere you feel small… Cuz you fear saying it loud and proud. Cuz the gods of… PAYBACK’S A BITCH may hear YOU and you’ll be made to suffer. Cuz you don’t feel you have the right… to want SO MUCH.


Here’s a Pro-tip:

YOU’RE asking for too little, cuz you don’t feel you CAN get to all that, cuz you were never supposed to want that much. That’s what feeling small males you feel like. Fuuuck all that!! This rodent infestation of your mind is eating your soul without you knowing it.

One Exception to the Rule!

Having a concrete goal and baking it and not telling anyone until it’s cooked.

Otherwise people’ll poke their fingers in it (pollute it with their opinions, regurgitated knowledge n’ shit) throw their own ingredients in it. Mess it all up. Then it turns lopsided and they’re like, “See! I told YOU you couldn’t do that.” Even then, I’d be like, really!!? And introduce MY lopsided creation to the world. Seriously, I would. What I’m saying is be choosey when you’re creating and let your bubbling enthusiasm TELL ‘EM something awesome is about to happen!!

Let your energy SPEAK.

It’s a lot more powerful… even the chipmunks will respond to that! Seriously watch their tails—if its spazzing your energy is electric or you’re TOO wired (intense) and just be careful while driving. My bad! Shiiiit I didn’t know animals TALK here too! So let’s take a pledge.

“I promise… If I feel like I’m too careful with someone (too nervous) scared of hurting their feelings or their response… I will know, I’m literally shrinking on the inside and will STOP feeling that way cuz...

(Repeat after me)

I AM MASSIVE! I can’t hear you but my wings are vibrating so definitely feeling YOU. I AM… AWESOME. I AM… TOTALLY CAPTIVATING IN ALL I DO! I AM GOING TO SHOCK THE WORLD…Seriously, I AM. I AM SO MANY YEARS AHEAD OF MY TIME!! God knows… that ones’ true. I AM GOING TO GET EVERYTHING I WANT AND MORRRRRE effortlessly, doing what I LOVE to DO!! Now…

How do YOU feel?

This is your Fairy Goddess… with her King Kong wings sayin’ Don’t MAKE the world wait for your Greatness I don’t think I can hold them off too much longer. 

The time is NOW… The power is YOU.


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