Finding… The MAGIC

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What’s the biggest secret to being HAPPY?

Amnesia! lol Of alll the shit that happened to YOU. Wouldn’t that be nice? But what if it were possible? OMG... Can you imagine? It’d be like, the most expensive drug EVER. It’d wipe out the need for all the other drugs cuz people use that to forget what they’re going through (temporarily) or an ADDICT. More permanently. So how do YOU get that 24k GOLD feeling! That HIGH... on Life? Well... for starters all your senses are richer. Colors, smells and touching sensations are highlighted to take your focus there and  the feeling it produces in the body... Light and floaty. Drifting...

And what’s THAT similar to?

Being in LOVE... cuz that makes YOU feel invincible! Why... cuz you’re in sync with the inside of you—HAPPINESS. The part you were created from, your mom and dad in sheer ecstasy making you. K I know that’s gross. lol But there was no struggle when they joined, that feeling they experienced. That’s where you come from. It’s your natural state. JOY!!! In some cases, even if the circumstances were off (controlled/manipulated) you WERE produced from blissful feelings. It’s just how the body’s designed. And that part of YOU is always striving to expand it self. 

JOY needs to be shared...

It’s very eager and excited to express itself. BOLD in devouring everything Life HAS to offer. Kinda like, when you were a baby. Remember how you needed to touch and taste everything? OMG... Do you see some of the things that babies put in their mouth! THAT’S who YOU are. You’re fearless! Nothing holds you back. YOU’RE excited and you wanna taste and experience everything that makes YOU happy. That’s... you’re natural state. You love to learn, explore. And if you fall down? You just get up and keep eagerly exploring. And... If someone takes something from YOU? You’re confused at first, but you just find something new! Someone throws sand in your eyes... It stings a bit, you rub your eyes and KEEP going. There’s so many things out there you wanna DO. Someone pushes you... YOU fall and you cry. YOU cry hard let it all out, so those bad feelings are pushed out of you. The energy of them,  cuz they're not in sync with your joy so OUT THEY GO!! That’s who YOU are. Any other warped notions of who you are (inherited by circumstances or conditioning) TELL EM to go to fuck themselves!! Fortunately for you, you’ve been given a guidance system that never fails.

When you’re body’s OFF its mark...

YOU being in your natural state of happiness, it shows you by producing PAIN. When you’re in discord with your body (inner conflict) cuz surely, guilt’s showing its hairy ass, its your resistance to being in sync with your happy state, that makes you feel TORN (for now). As your Fairy Goddess, I’ve been sworn to return YOU to the only state worthy of you as a human... a HIGH. Unattainable by any man-made drug. So you can remember, that although you’ve elected to be human and experience a different realm the high is a reminder, of where you truly come from. WHAT you are. PURE Magic... And today I’ll delve (quite deeply) as to how to ensure no matter what earthly state you’re in (sadness/sorrow/remorse/grief) I will connect YOU with your own guidance system so that you CAN find your way back... to your natural star state of blissfully shining (beaming actually). Before someone tampered with your wiring!

Wish I could zap their ass! I’m talking at least a million watts, which is released with only one eyebrow raised. No biggie. You MUST shine if you are to fulfill your mission. So how do you lose your way? How does the fangs of hell pierce the heart of WHO you really are? And where did it start, this LEARNING to suffer biz... cuz it definitely    seems like a lot of human’s excel there? LOL Could it be that you’re home schooled DAILY to show how suffering can be applied? Like math... to A LOT of situations, thinking you CAN get a result.

Yeah... The result’s PAIN. LOL

Learned that one real quick! And it’s not that your teachers (mom & dad) meant to mislead you. It’s just that lost humans don’t usually know they’re LOST—they’re lost! So cut off from their secret treasure, their TRUE self. They don’t know where the damn map is! Or what it looks like. They haven’t turned on their night vision goggles!!  So they can see inside.

They don’t know their heart HAS eyes...

But only opens when you can see things... that haven’t yet taken form.

So they keep looking outside of them self for proof. And the more they listen to outside humans, the less they’re able to acknowledge (or hear) what they’re seeing and hearing ‘in house’. Just one of the challenges of being here—YOU FORGET so much good shit!! Like... The way towards anything you want is inside. The answers are all there stacked nice and pretty, extremely well organized. WAITING for you to look without getting spooked! But it’s meant to be challenging or otherwise you wouldn’t be able to learn fully, that like your fairy tale Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz you can return home, anytime YOU want to. Only in your case you don’t need to tap your Nike’s three times to get YOU there. You need to feel your way there. It’s a feeling path... THAT’S the part you guys have an upside down grip on. Instead feeling forward... for good things you’re used to feeling things that have already happened (A LOT) which take you back there (so backwards) and keeps you there (feeling like shit).

And so you feel stuck...

When you’re in your HAPPY state everything launches successfully. That girl you WANT (you get) that relationship you want (it happens) that NEW job (offered) BIG break (comes) cuz the fuel’s high octane guaranteed to get your ass there. Not that cheap shit diluted with other crap so YOU run out of steam fast. Or low quality, so unsure if it’s destroying your engine... taking you OFF your game. Eventually causing other damage, so now in definite need of a MAJOR tune up cuz everything about you feels like CRAP.  When you’re happy you’re aligned with your TRUEST self (natural self) your home base... JOY. So you’re fully potent and feel inclined to make the right call, go to a certain place... where you meet RIGHT person. Your energy is helping you feel your way to it... cuz that natural state of JOY is in sync with the decision that will produce that same vibe (JOY). Each vibe ALWAYS attracts its own kind...

Only humans attract the opposite of what they really want satisfying instead, what they’re craving so matching THAT vibe. And as they say, misery does love company AND attention. So... How do you get to that natural state of bliss... excitement, true happiness when we’re in a FUNK? You can tell at any moment where you are. You wake up dead on your feet. Yup... There’s a loose wire. You’re not plugged into your natural state, where you really live. You wake up CAN’T wait to see what the day brings! And or what YOU intend to bring to it. You’ve slept in your true home, got nourished (cooked sorta speak) and now there’s this aroma about you. Everyone loves being around you. It feels good to them to be with you (you’re feeding them energetically) TASTY deliciousness thing you are. Being there keeps you present (not rummaging through the past) as you are now keenly aware of how you feel, which is amazing! So, no need to go back to alligator country, where you have to watch each STEP (live in fear) be hesitant and cautious, not trust what you’re about to step into so definitely not taking ANY risks. Now... You’re on your PATH going exactly where you’re meant to go HAPPILY. And because you’re aware of how you’re feeling, you know immediately when it’s gone down a notch. So now, you’re guiding system’s intact, in sync and operating full throttle. And you’re conscious of it. And only now do you have the conscious ability to direct yourself to where YOU really come from and want to go towards.

So let’s say you’re just hanging out or working on something and a thought or someone just texts you (you saw something) and you were having a moment. That made you turn AWAY from your guidance system (your happiness radar). And let’s say, right now you’re feeling pissed (annoyed) bored AF. The awareness of that feeling is key, it means that whatever you’ve been thinking (really really recently) like a few seconds ago, altered your direction. Let’s say you pointed it out to yourself. So you’re like, “Whatever I’m thinking about now is OFF from the natural state of my being. Like... I’m thinking life sucks for SO many people. It’s raining... can’t do shit. I’m not really happy with my sneakers they’re ghetto. Not really happy with the girl I just started seeing.” YOU can pinpoint every time the feeling with the thought that causes you to be out of sync with your real state.

So rather then just accepting the feeling YOU say, “I’m gonna to switch to ‘feeling forward’ mode I wasn’t in feeling forward mode (just this second) I was taking it as it came, I was reactive (in feeling). I was RESPONDING. I wasn’t intent on feeling happy, my mind was just coasting. So I ended up responding (receiving shit and swallowing)”. So now you’re like,  “I’m gonna feel my way out of this. I’m gonna feel my way forward. And what that means is you just start thinking of things YOU love to feel... to have. Like... “I love the feeling of excitement. I love my BFF surprising me with two tickets to the hottest concert of the year! I love the feeling of clicking with someone, I love being turned on. I LOVE seeing someone and I’m like, "WHOOO was that?" I love the feeling of packing all my shit cuz I’m going on vacation unexpectedly. I love getting a great grade—when I hardly TRIED! So right this second you’re forward feeling. You’re laying on you’re yellow brick road chunks of good feelings that can lead you back home. So, let’s say you’re having a moment and it’s quite a reactive moment. You weren’t consciously thinking on only great stuff, that’s hard to do AND people would think you’re weird. LOL Or you’re on something cuz it’s not natural to think just great thoughts all the time. Unless you’re really seasoned in being human, you’ve been through so much YOU always have a smile on your face... cuz you’re STILL alive. I humbly bow to YOU. But since most of you are so reactive, as in ANGER. Let’s say you feel it, you acknowledge the anger cuz of the thought you were just thinking, like a side witness! And you identify the thought you were just thinking. And that thought was... “This person I’m really into just made me so fucken MAD. They’re SO self absorbed. Not doing what we agreed to and I’m having a highly emotional response—but I want to be forward feeling (cuz I CARE about feeling good in ma' bones) it no longer makes sense that I suffer cuz of something THEY did.


Cuz trying to make them feel guilty, only buries you deeper into something you’re trying to escape from (the perception that you must suck on some level or they wouldn’t be that way it always backfires. Secretly you’re thinking “I must not be GOOD enough or they wouldn’t have done that.” which means that the only thing you CAN do is take them into that cellar of HELLLL so they can suffer with you. But you never end up escaping, cuz making them feel guilty only confirms to you that you’re NOT meant for happiness. You’re not seeing your natural state is JOY, which means you must end up with joy, if not with them with someone else.

So it’s best to just understand in truth, they did what they did cuz they were stirred to for some reason and even if you triggered them, by allowing them to step on you YOU’RE entitled to be with someone who does not do that. The ball and chain can ONLY be broken when you realize your natural state of being and feeling IS blissfully happy. Which means you’re gonna end up that WAY. You see... Guilt (nickname name... interference) causes an obstruction to seeing the truth which is... That you are always safe cuz a state of happiness means just that. You’ll always be where you’re expanding cuz happiness needs to connect. You’ll always be bright cuz happiness means great opportunities have to happen... to match THAT feeling.

If you’re aligned with your true state you’ll be guided back to your sense of entitlement... Being happy cuz that’s just naturally who you are. So will attract only THAT. So if you’re having a reactive moment... You can say, “I choose to be forward feeling in my thinking. And think of thoughts that make me FEEL good. And you will see how easy it is to get yourself out of that state. Few key things to remember!

When YOU do experience something that’s not what you want... Give it access OUT OF YOU!! Pain is a toxic loud energy and if it’s stuck or suppressed in YOUR body cuz you’ve over ruled it with brain, its energy will try to SPEAK OUT. As in... You’ll bump into furniture, cupboards, people... another car. Singing really LOUD while crying is highly effective. Going towards anything that will absorb that energy like water, sun. Think of it... The tide will always carry debris in and bring fresh water out. The sun always evaporates things which has a soothing effect on you when we’re under the sun. Physically speaking, working out, hitting a punching bag, jogging really works well, cuz pounding, shaking and stomping takes alllll that energy OUT OF YOU. And YOU instantly feel better... Even though what happened still happened, you feel different, like it’s out of you and now you can intellectually view it (do the right thing) you’re not caught in a whirlwind of caustic energies anymore.  

Look at any wolf or animal once it feels fear... It always shakes it off by shaking its head and body. So shaking the feeling of fear out of its body. Look at your Jack and the bean stock (another fairy tale). Honestly! We’ve inspired you so much with our stories and you still don’t take it seriously. LMAO K... Let's look at Jack and his buddy (NOT really) the Giant. How did the giant act when he was pissed? He STOMPED like hell as he said, "Fe fy fo fum... I SMELL the blood of an Englishman!" Still not sure what those abbreviations are all about. LOL  HE did that cuz he was  ANGRY!! Very effective to stomp anger out of you. Oh...

And I’d keep away from giants if I were YOU.

And here’s the beauty to all this manure- type toxic waste feeling. What is the only thing you CAN leave in this world, before you split? Information... Wisdom, insight... (creatively, artistically, politically or even the purpose of a business) you’re meant to pass it on... That’s why it happens. The first step is to successfully learn how to take it out of you, the next step is to share that knowledge.

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