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Seriously… How the fuck did this HAPPEN? How did the media convince us girls that we need to get down on one knee and PROPOSE to a guy? Ask him out… ASK him for his number. Oh yeah! So we can look like we’re more confident, in control. First of all. A confident girl doesn’t WORK for a guy, she doesn’t have anything to prove. HE does. She knows she can make a guy she wants come over with just ONE look. And besides. WHO has the vagina here? WE do. So why are we WALKING up to a guy with all that anxiety (will he/won’t he) all that nervous energy. I need that like a a boil on my butt. How does THAT make us feel in control? We’re the one ‘controlled’ by the fact that we have… the impulse to go s DO. No inner conviction (a.k.a. I get what I want.) No faith… I’m TOTALLY irresistible. No inner power (passive magnetic appeal) that pulls a guy to US. That feminine allure that says, “Oh… YOU so want this.” And since when does a goddess RUN a mere mortal? Makes no sense. I don’t know about your sex-Ed class but in mine I don’t remember (ever) the egg putting on her running shoes (running after 40 billion SPERM) the sperm chase the EGG. Why are we LEAVING our inherited birthright of luring a guy to us, when we have the power to DO so? Why are we just throwing it all AWAY? Just so we can experience what it feels like to be a GUY. Develop rejectionitis (fatal self-inflicted hopeless attitude) questionable self talk… nervous energy, which only leads to more desperation and us girls competing AGAINST each other for a… Guy.

Have all our vaginas melted into one gigantic cock mentality? Cuz NOW we’re more desperate, we’re in competition mode, so need to give more in order to get something (anything) from a guy. Can we drop the bar any LOWER? And let’s just toss the whole pleasure principal right out the fucken window. Didn’t we notice? We have a vagina… it HAS an opening. It’s meant to RECEIVE. Then give back. We’re totally screwing up the dynamics of love. Guys don’t fall in love cuz of what you do for them… They fall in love with how they feel… when they’re with YOU. Like, they’re gloating… can’t believe how such an awesome girl like YOU is standing beside them. Could explain why they have that dumb look on their face.

They’re in shock cuz YOU picked them. They feel your magic. They can’t have enough of it–your brightness (the way you feel about yourself) your value… it SHINES. They can’t get enough of that. And the media is shoving down our throat (talk about gag reflexes) the IDEA… that girls should be more like guys, in the relationship. Do… Act and BEHAVE more like a guy cuz then we feel powerful. So now we girls (with a vag) are acting like a guy, all territorial and shit. And it’s confusing to a guy cuz they DON’T know how to BE. We’ve forgotten HOW to be a girl. We’ve forgotten how powerful THAT is. How special it feels, to have a guy work so hard for YOU. He doesn’t give up NO MATTER what. Competition with another girl, highly unlikely at this point. Acting like a guy ALSO trains us to do things that you guys usually DO. Like… fuck fast, talk little (feelings all bottled up) when the whole point of BEING a GIRL (very enhanced spiritual being) capable of mesmerizing any guy she wants, is to help guys EVOLVE. Take them from horn-dog to MAN. Now with a bare minimum, there’s no emotional attachment–it’s just a numbers GAME. When conquest replaces emotional fulfillment and we ditch (numb OUT) our feelings (since they’re no longer a priority) we lose our link to feeling valued.

Like they say; As it is on the inside, it will manifest on the OUTSIDE. And we keep attracting guys who just wanna fuck us, even though we want ‘now’ someone for real, not just physically. All cuz in our mind it’s been re-instated (all over) how cool it is to be da boss (of our guy) SO bigger balls. Interesting… Did we borrow theirs (grow our own or cut and paste) just curious. And all cuz we wanna prove we can fuck as much as guys can… but we can’t really. We can only be taken from (when it’s done that way). Unless us girls start sprouting a cock out of our forehead our BODY… is designed to receive (but who knows what another 50 years’ll bring). A random (guy) cannot enter our BODY without also entering our soul (which is now mixed with his… I have zero interest in YOU vibe) . And that’s why… even though you knew you two were just fuck buddies (opportune fucks, when needed) after about a month, you’re wondering where HE is. Why hasn’t HE text you, in a couple hours? Where’s he at? And why don’t you know about it.

And guys are ASKING…

With all this sliding into their territory (masculine energy) protective, competitive, territorial (taking the initiative asking them out) they’ve HAD to become overly sensitive, passively waiting till we ask them out (in order to balance our behavior). Now, they’re wondering WHY girls are such sluts? Why are they untrustworthy? Cuz we’ve taken on your OLD mentality and aborted ours (that’s why). We’re not evolving, we’re actually regressing to where guys were a long time. And now guys are craving (some starving) for an real connection, total emotional fulfillment (don’t wanna waste your load) they want that MAGICAL bond, they sense it’s possible. They want to transcend into a SUR-REAL experience. They wanna feel something beyond YOU. And for that to actually happen… WE girls have to be in touch with our highest vibration… our power. Cuz guys wanna be high… on LOVE. How do you activate that? Good question. This is why you’re HERE.



  1. Soooo true Nichole, I hear guys often say, “Girls can’t be trusted, there all sluts”. But, it’s REALLY because there is a shift in energy. Thanks for this!!

  2. Why not?

    One man’s perspective:

    I came to this life in a body and with a brain equipped to complement my equal by protecting and providing for her mentally and physically. To start a lifelong relationship by turning this dynamic on its head will inevitably lead to separation or the painful resistance of it. To allow this in my life would be to permanently put away the tools that I use to feel gratitude, confidence and happiness. There’s nothing more gratifying for me as a man than to solve, to build, but more than anything to risk and win. And her heart is the biggest prize in this life.

    Here in the west, the femininity of our women seems to be fading away. But traveling abroad one sees that it seems to be not only a localized phenomenon, but an unsustainable and artificial one.

    You hit the bullseye Nichole! Keep on going.

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