When a girl feels STUCK… in life, love or self.

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Feeling STUCK...

We girls need to be SO careful, we throw guys completely off when we act like a GUY (masculine energy) handle everything on our own, tell him what to DO, plan everything (dates) and then switch... act like a girl (feminine energy) tender and loving and vulnerable. We want their arms around us (especially after a bad dream). One minute we’re instructing them how to be (as if they don’t know) next... on an emotional day, we’re mad when they’re not assertive in the way that we need it. And every time we freak cuz they’re not ‘getting it’ it totally fucks them up. Here's the concealed piece of the puzzle. We girls have also gotten messed up by not having our fathers around. Feeling isolated... left out, not good enough. Not cared for… It TOTALLY scared us! And now when we’re scared since we’re not used to having anyone there, we don’t even trust that anyone will be. And even when someone is we STILL don’t trust that, it can change at any moment. So everything gets STUCK... deep inside us. And no one knows... shit. We feel like we have to be strong (act like a guy) cuz we’re not used to it… being there. But then we long for all that guy stuff you guys do and 'secretly' we just wanna be your GIRL. 

Here's the hidden poison…

It's not so much that we suffered a long time ago (or even presently) with our dad. It's that we have NO CLUE as to how it’s playing out right now. If there are things in your life, that you keep doing (keep feeling stuck in) and don’t know WHY (especially if it's with a person) I invite you to go back there… with your little girl. Where it all started, long ago. Have a dialogue with your little girl…

Go somewhere... comfortable. Sit where you can get into a meditative state without any interruptions. Select instrumental music (something that you’re pulled to) like rain or storm, nature, waves and just close your eyes. See yourself as a little girl... in a place that’s comfortable for you. It can be anywhere. Now hold on to that image in your mind and look for that one situation that really really HURT you (with your dad). There will be ONE that will stick out for you. It’s probably already there. Start with that. See your little girl scold her dad in any mood, tone or manner that she wants (something she never got a chance to do back then). And as you watch her release everything she’s kept inside her… you’ll CRY. And that’s when you can ask her…  "How did you punish HIM...How did you punish dad?" And the little girl will answer to YOU...

"Well. Since I'm NOT good enough for you..."

I’m not going to feel good (and so now, you focus on worrying a lot)

I’m not going to be happy (and so now, you don’t make time to enjoy life)

I’m not going to greet people (and so now, you exclude yourself from making new friends - NOT interested)

I’m not going to smile… take pictures (and so now,, you're serious about life all the time, you don't like taking pictures)

I’m not going to have any friends (and so now, you're out spoken, raw, shocking or gossipy)

I’m not going to look good (and so now, you don’t take care of yourself)

I’m not going to excel in life (and so now, you abandon projects, talent, or procrastinate when it comes to picking a career)

I’m not going to let anyone have me (and so now, you're constantly preoccupied)

I‘m not going to have fun (so now, you KEEP updating your to do list)

I’m not going to do anything with my life (so now, you keep yourself from taking your place in the world… from SHINING)

So I ask you now...


 HOW did your little girl punish her DAD?  


 What did your little girl SAY?   


Think about it...     


What did she say to herself...?   

The part of you that is blocking you NOW... is your little girl still punishing her dad. Only in reality it’s YOU punishing yourself. Identify the hurt... is step one. BE with your little girl... is step two. Watch her and her dad hash it all out... is step three. When you give yourself time to feel your little girl, she will release (very quickly) her grudge as you watch her rebuild her relationship with her dad and see her dad, react in ways you never imagined. Many hugs, much holding and if you’re really watching... a whole sequence of events you never dreamed would happen with your dad. You can change your future from this moment. You can change your past from this moment. Once you heal your little girl you will release the victim feeling that you’ve been carrying around, that continues to bring situations and people who disappoint you (mistreat you) make you feel less than (trapped, shame, anger or HURT). Anytime you’re with someone... who makes you feel less than (by their actions or words) you will feel lack in some way and not feel you have anything to offer, so opt to stay in that situation. Stuck…

It’s important to note that it’s not the same when you imagine yourself as you are now… with your dad. Although he may be contributing to your on-going discontentment, it is my belief that the first powerful feeling of abandonment (hurt, lack of love or not feeling good enough) came within the first 5 years of your life. You’ll know exactly how successful you are when you do this exercise cuz you will feel a surge of energy inside your heart... in your BODY. You'll feel happier and freer for actually, no reason at all. And actually... There is a REASON. You’ve just emptied the trash (all the decayed thoughts) and now you have A LOT more space to take in… HAPPINESS. And you find yourself acting different with people. You expect less... cuz you're more content (more whole). You're not so needy, you're not so scared. You feel you can rely on YOURSELF cuz you feel more complete. The love you were trying to seek in others to fill a void could never happen. As long as you felt that void you would only attract... the same (what you feel) someone that gives you a VOID. A situation that's not fulfilling. Now that, that little girl has taken out everything in her heart, talked to her dad (hugged her dad) and her dad has said everything she needed to hear she KNOWS that nothing can stop her. She KNOWS... that she's magic! She KNOWS that she deserves only the best real LOVE out there. And now, her tolerance to anything 'unfulfilling' is dead. No longer there. And so now... She will attract everything (and more) than she could ever possibly imagine cuz she has that love back inside of her... that hole is filled. SO go get everything that's been waiting for you GIRL. Everything that wants you to have it. Like NOW!


That was deep. 

 This is your Fairy Goddess saying...

I love YOU girls!

And I'm glad you can feel that NOW.  

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