Making the FIRST move…

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The holidays are almost HERE! You’re at chapters with your friends and you’re seeing alll these awesome things to buy YOU want all of THEM. Everyone’s talkin' about what they’re gonna be doing but all you can think about is him...

That guy in homeroom.

There’s just somethin’ about him, he’s just untouchable. And fuuuck. His eyes... it’s like they speak to YOU. You CAN’T stop looking at him. Like, at that very moment EVERYTHING in class is one big blur... ON mute. And when he looks over, you’re like, ‘OMG. Is he looking? Don’t look, don’t look! Whatever you do don’t LOOK.’ You can’t even move... It’s like there’s this invisible bridge between you, begging you to cross, but you can’t. At night you dream about him all the time, wonder what that first kiss’ll be like. His lips... In the morning you wake up an hour earlier just to put your make up on, so it’ll look natural by the time you get to school. LOL There’s no escaping him... He’s all you see inside your head (HIGHLY annoying). When he’s with his friends and you walk by he stops talking... smiles right at you. And you can’t even BREATHE. Your whole heart just swells up in your chest oozing out of your eye balls. So you keep fucking walking! Try n' calculate if it’s the right time to smile back, say something. But there’s no point. You don’t even know if any words will come out.

You’re thinking...

‘Should I make the first move? Should he? Maybe I should just stuff a note in his bag when he’s not looking? Like right now when Ruby with the big boobies is cock-blocking him? She’s SUCH a fucking douche. Maybe, I should I ASK him for his number? All the other girls do that.’ You’re with your friends and you’re like, “I think I would absolutely DIE if he’d ask me out.” They just laugh. Silently you know they're like, “Daaaang... I wish I had someone I felt that intense about.” Today we’re talking about making the first move...

So what happens when a girl makes the first move?

Especially since the media is telling us... If we were really confident we’d walk up to HIM. Uh... noooo. Cuz if we were really confident we wouldn’t put up with SHIT. We wouldn’t WORK to get a guy. We wouldn’t need to prove a thing... we know what we’re about—and we value our ass. What about the effect it has on YOU dude ( a girl asking YOU out)? When we're comin’ up to you, grabbin’ your goods, tellin' you we wanna go out with you, want your number  (control everything). Oh... YOU didn’t think about all that. You didn’t plan on that whole take charge all-the-fucken-time thing. It happens. Honestly, does that even make you WANT us more cuz we’re running after you? Does it pull you, intrigue you, make your balls GROW cuz that is a sign... for you earth boys. LOL Or does it feel good in the beginning, but then wears off.

What happens when you guys make the first move?

How does that affect us girls? How does it affect YOU... especially after she says yaassss. Or no... but truly wants you, just gotta get over the loser she HAD. K I have to ask. Why is it that you humans always let your PAST experience dictate your future potential?! Seems sooo odd. One has absolutely NOTHING to do with the other. That’s EXACTLY how your mind keeps you fucked, cuz you’re too afraid you’ll have the same scenario, even more afraid of the future--FINDING the One. So your mind keeps you scared of the past and future at SAME time. Which makes you miss the whole DAMN POINT!! The present! That's where A) the past can never touch you... ever. And B) where the magic IS to create what you want right NOW!! That's why LOVE is such a big deal. It keeps you present which is why it’s such a gift. It makes YOU completely UNSTOPPABLE... major fierce factor. Back to making the first move.

Equally important...

HOW to receive the first move if you're a girl? Cuz that shit’s just NOT easy, cuz out of nowhere and for no reason (that you can fathom) the guy you’ve been crushing on for at least 5 months is FINALLY noticing you. And you’re like, 'Omg! He’s looking! Is he REALLY looking!? Fuuuuck... He’s looking (kinda happens when you’ve finally given up) that’s when they don't feel we need them. You see guys need to feel and know (without a doubt) they need YOU deep inside, they don’t give a shit that you need them. They’re not out on some mercy mission. They don’t do that whole... “Well, they’re nice. I guess I could go out with them." Only to find out for the entire evening you’re bored AF. And your mom, BFF is like, “Give him a chance.” A chance for what, to grow on me like some fungus disease? No thanks I don’t like wearing fungus.

It’s kinda like your MATH down here...

One... joined with one is eleven. That’s a total MASTER number. On my planet fo shur...  cuz when YOU unite with the one that has your imprint all over their soul... you master life, phobias, fears (any and all self doubt). Notice how that JUST happens. 😀 And whether you get it or not, you’ve graduated... to a ‘unconditional’ love. A.k.a Under any and all conditions you love this being, cuz the love flow just keeps flowing—gushing actually. They don’t even have to TRY it just happens. When you see them, think of them, speak to them, touch them... yummy.

Here's how that works! Each girl and guy on Earth have two energies... a masculine and feminine energy. It doesn’t matter if you're straight, gay, whatever. EACH union is built to balance those. Even though a lot of you have one energy dominating, like TOTALLY taking over... while the other lays low (is too shy to show it self) eventually it gains in strength, momentum, speed, literally, takes over. Completely atrophying the other, non-used (left out in the cold to rot in hell) energy. And then since you’re not balanced you WILL attract to balance what is not active in YOU. And that... naturally is not truly what you’re craving (just attracting) CUZ opposites attract. A guy whose passive in nature (feminine energy) will pull to him (attract)  a girl mostly in charge, highly organized (and SO has to take over his life, cuz that’s her thing... being organized) a masculine energy. And although for a while it makes him feel good, her safe each filling only the missing part (energy) in the other (what I call high way robbery) something feels off, severely lacking. There's a lot of fighting. Like, when she can’t keep her face out of your life (or down time) when she has to know everything. When you can’t take charge or have the conviction to take the lead when she’s hurting and be there for her. Not really your fault, she’s not used to speaking up about her feelings, needs to remain strong ‘in her head’ so you really don’t have a clue... till she EXPLODES. You’re like, “Whaaa happen?!?”

Masculine energy...

Likes to DO, act, take over, is bossy as shit at times (as in most times) logical, makes plans, organized, feels best when they work first, rest after and likes to PICK, select, totally in charge, very protective and territorial, likes the best of the best and only chooses something that makes them look good (can be calculative). Feminine energy... is very expressive, lovvves to talk (a lot) has many, many feelings, goes off on all kinds of tangents, loves harmony, pretty things, moody, makes NO SENSE when emotional, gentle in nature, changes their mind quite often and can be indecisive. Its ALSO a highly magnetic energy, would never think of proving itself, it knows its value. Think Queen of Sheeba. Haaalllo!

When you girl who (via your own body’s design) is built to receive (then give back). I mean just look at your vagina, its right there. When you... go GET (a guy). When you go give (a blow job/money/favors) you’ve LOST your power. It’s going against your body’s code. Poor thing... You’ve lost touch with your ability to passively (magnetically) bring what you want over to you (without effort). Which only then tend to make you feel insecure (later on in the relationship fo shur) cuz you’ve done all the work from the beginning. He didn’t slay any dragons! But you slayed alllll the vampires bitches that would SUCK the life out of your guy (given HALF a chance). And now, to make sure he stays you need to constantly non-stop put out all the effort (hard work) be on guard when you’re out (see who he’s texting) possessive, territorial, jealous. YOU... have to DO in order to have. Giving up your birthright as a girl... to HAVE (without all that work) and the biggest issue? That way of being is over spilling into your LIFE, can’t accept when life gives. You get an opportunity, don’t trust it... so procrastinate and screw up. Need to earn it (need to struggle in the process) or it doesn’t feel right to YOU. If it’s too easy, you fuck it up.

Girls, if this is resonating with any of you, I wanna hear from YOU.

So I can slap that shit out of you, cuz a part from making you feel insecure (now that you’re used to making the first move) JUMPING when a guy says come here. Watching to see if you’ll be rejected and the cascades of effort that follows in order to keep what you fought hard to have. YOU never end up feeling even for a moment (from YOUR guy) that you’re WORTHY all on your own, without doing a thing. YOU never feel cherished... you feel needed. A false sense of security and sooo ass-backwards on earth, that now you’re plagued with, ‘Is he gonna leave’ type thoughts. Take the fairy goddess pledge right now...

Repeat after me!

“I promise NEVER again to ‘work’ for a guy. I will never again ‘give’ to GET. And as uncomfortable as it is for me, to have a guy make the first move (do things for me) compliment me, be USEFUL... treat me in a special way (SPOIL me) I will receive it with a smile. And I will take this to mean that I have been put on notice that something very special is about to happen. It’s activated when I receive... So help me God.”

And as you walk... knowing that you accept your position on your throne of Life down here on earth, your next steps  will be revealed. Once you’re happy and calm inside your body, YOU will call forth your special power and it will show its ass to YOU. Look for triple numbers to confirm you’re connected.

Back to my guys...

Honestly, it’s not like you guys don’t like girls puttin' out the effort, puttin' out PERIOD (actually). You’re like, “She don’t mind. It’s flattering. I like it when a girl does aLLll the work, it’s easier for me!” Ahahaha (Truuue) But it’s not the one... is it. You’re just weeding out all the skanks first. Give it up... the one you’ve been watching from the corner of your eye, the one you stay up all night thinkin’ about, the one that seems so self-contained, in need of nothing and no one, yet she’s sooo sahweet. You can just see it in her face... she requires WORK. That’s clear AF. But you hesitate cuz you’re used to (highly confused about) making the first move. Since most of the girls are doin’ it for you. I have one THING to say to you.

You got a penis... It points for a REASON.

Go get the friggin’ girl! Say, “Hello!” She needs to hear you... Words n’ sounds are very important to us girls. You and I both know... the right words (said in the right way) AT THE RIGHT TIME—opens the VAULT. We girls are susceptible to words... just like you guys are susceptible to what you SEE. A hot babe. You’re like, “Kkkkay... I'm so fucked.” Take the BOSS challenge! Repeat after me...

“I swear... I will put my physical presence in front of the girl of my DREAMS (or any other girl that’s hot and fiercely attractive) and I will say, "Hi!" And I will OPEN the door or pull out a chair for her. For I know... I’ve been sent here from a very distant STAR and she gains A LOT from the power of love INSIDE my heart. It transforms her. I... am  GOLD. Untouchable, in all the ways I can make her HAPPY. And I know if she is part of my genetic code the whole universe will work on my behalf, help us unite. I need only take this first action and if SHE responds (doesn’t rip off my head) THAT will be my signal to move forward. So help me GOD.”

Look for a flying hawk above, to confirm you’re on track.

Course... If there’s a vulture I’d rethink who I’m approaching. Some girls will suck the life right out of you, leave you for DEAD. Then move on. 

So HOW does a girl accept the first move from a guy? That can be challenging. He’ll be looking at you and you’ll look casually over to the side, see no one. Realize he izzzz... looking. And then, 'What the fuck do I DO? I know. ACT like I don’t give a shit.' It gets worse... Your brain stops communicating to your WHOLE ENTIRE BODY and your motor skills JUST DIE. The bell rings, your lab class is over and you put all your notes, tubes, flask and frog in your bag.... He’s fucken oozing. You're thinking... GOD just kill me now.

When the guy you LIKE is looking at you... smiling YOU girl need to show him, you’re not the enemy. We do have fangs... LOL We need to smile! He needs to know if he takes the risk, it’ll be a safe passage. And even though everything inside you is screaming... smile BACK. It’s hard. But if you don’t, he won’t know. It takes GREAT balls of steel (even if they are invisible) to look a guy in the eye (that you really LIKE) HOLD that look, for a good 5 seconds... smile. Honestly, at that moment you’re just not connected or in charge of your face. Hopefully there’s no drool. Still, if you can do that, it's step one for a powerful union. Will he be the ONE? We’ll have to wait and see if he passes his initiation and YOU elevate him from horn dog to MAN. Waiting till head #1 his dick, reaches and meets up with head #2 his heart. At which point, there is no turning back... for him. And he knows it.

And guys just remember when you ask a girl OUT. Actually ask her! Be specific. Had an earthling experience I gotta share. Was insane about this guy. And THREE times he’s like, “So what are you doin’ tonight? I’m like, Uh... tonight? I’m shampooing my hair, doin’ my nails, homework, a 100 leg raises cuz I need my stomach flat, painting a chair and washing my fairy wings! I gave him a whole LIST cuz I was soo annoyed he was asking a general question AND I was actually doing all those things. Guys GENERAL doesn’t cut it! Try getting generally anywhere! It will not suffice. And here its kinda really important cuz we are talking about reaching... The Promised Land. LOL So No. 1 BE specific, we don’t like wishy-washy and we admire direct courage.

And girls, do NOT under any circumstances accept a last minute date. Cheap, non refundable and highly un-memorable ‘for him’. Which means, he’ll be encouraged to do more of the same and then you wonder why he NEVER makes plans? The first date will always be very important and it sets the precedent. So say... No thank you to what is unacceptable. Give him the opportunity to plan it all out. And watch for the detailed work he puts into it cuz that’s the type of focus, he’ll be putting on YOU. 

There’s MORE in the book.

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