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When you realize how EASY this is, you’re gonna kick yourself wonder where the hell… YOU’VE been. Making a guy do anything is going against the grain. A.K.A. You working too hard, too much, too fast. You can’t make a guy do anything. You CAN however INSPIRE a guy to do ANYTHING. And that’s the power of being a GIRL (if you’re aware). Why’s this shit NOT taught in school?! It’s SO important for our future. Guys… Fundamentally simple creatures (unlike us girls) will follow step A to get to step B. Which means, they love to trace each step to bring themselves CLOSER. So number one, giving it to them doesn’t work. Every girl has the power to communicate with her EYES what she WANTS, what she needs to happen right away, like ‘first’ before anything else. What’s important to her. And the reason that’s absolutely critical? Is cuz silence… is SEDUCTION. It will lure him in… Keep him there. It’s a language he can’t wrap his logic around, so it intrigues HIM (bring him close). Most important, his hunger to ‘find out’ (more about you) overrides his fear of taking the risk to approach YOU. Learning to see life through the eyes of the body becomes SO essential here… You’ll wonder how you ever handled life without it. I personally can not fathom not to have this skill as a human, seeing how so many have such strong desires but don’t like to ask for what they want. Especially, with a girl… It is far superior in these moments of intrigue and total captivation to have the ability to SPEAK without speaking. It’s powerful.

Certainty… is a luxury we need to get accustomed to. Struggle… is overrated, passé, prehistoric.  More body language disclosed in the BOOK The Wisdom of the Penis ;<>

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