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Breaking FREE means breaking free from ANY restrictions the media's put on YOU (your emotions) toxic relationships, thought patterns, bad scenarios. This blog's content is taken out of second book in the works. I call... The Wisdom of the Penis - Adjusted. Desperately needed fo shur. LOL I'd like to talk about something very important. I think this is the golden nugget that actually keeps us in HELL.

We've been given an incredible mind but we haven't been taught how to use it FULLY. We've been taught how to use it as STORAGE. Which actually could explain why there's so much GARBAGE up there. LOL An untrained mind is a complete waste (not to mention 'useless') more importantly, it can be highly highly TOXIC. The ability to understand, we've inherited. Although our perceptions are learned (selective fo shur) and we do have inner guidance, our willingness to listen to that will depend on our willingness to question everything we've learned about ourselves. Cuz we can't teach ourselves what we don't know.

Which begs the question

Where did we learn and how did we get directed... to hang on to PAIN? I mean, why can't we let it go after years and years (and years)? Why do we keep remembering it (in exact detail)? I mean... It HURTS. Why wouldn't we just drop it?! If someone gives you a hot rock you're going to drop it, right? It's going to singe your fingers. Only emotional pain... is going to singe your SOUL man. Why can't we just let it GO? It's ridiculous, if you think about it. And then we carry that and bring it to the next person and use them as our waste station, as soon as we know they're really into us (or they love us) and we're like a 'forever thing' (at least in their mind). It's going to be the first, second or third (little) fight that we're going to have this BIG reaction and over (so-called) REACT to it, cuz of all this pain we've stored from years ago (centuries ago lol). Since the pain has accumulated every time we went from this relationship to that relationship to this relationship, we have more and more pain. And now it's gained momentum and it's HEAVIER. It's gonna seek a way out. And that person that we reacted to is not really the person we're reacting to. That little trigger... of that first, second (third) fight is the MATCH that ignites us! Cuz we're a whole BODY filled with gasoline of pain. And that's only, if we're willing to risk and connect to a new person cuz now our biggest FEAR and what we're totally consumed with is, that our future is going to be exactly like our PAST. So we're scared it's going to happen again. We might not even hook up with another person.

So why is it that we hang on to PAIN when it doesn't even make sense?

I'll TELL you why. We've been conditioned by society (cultural hypnosis fo shur) to use our memory for the past, not to use it for the present. We can't even remember where we put our keys! LOL When people are like, "Hey! How are you?" We haven't even answered... yet. They're like, "Good, good." Cuz we're not present! We're used to having our memory function in (and for) the past. Cuz if it was functioning in the present...

We'd be DRAMA free! LOL

We'd be like, "K! I'm remembering NOW. "Snap shot!" Hmm... Chilling (nice). Now is the only thing that actually... exists. It's a very powerful place to BE. It's where anything is possible. That's where YOU can give birth to anything! Any idea. Thought... You're UNTOUCHABLE. But instead we've learned to think about what's ALREADY happened (sooo lame). And for all you go-getters out there with your To-Do lists, for what's going to happen. But even YOU guys are going to be redirected to your past. That's where all the peak moments are, even if there's joyful events. Your peak moments of pain (fear, loss, hurt) is going to take precedent. You're NOT used to using your memory for the present. You're used to using your memory for the PAST. And you wonder why HALF the time it feels like blocks of time have been wiped from your memory? Dejavu? When your past is filled (buried) with all these volatile emotions that never got solved, you're going to be in "survival mode" and its going to be itching for a chance to fight (escape, free itself) ONCE another human is on the scene, and it feels safe to come out and play. UNTIL that happens you're going to be locked in... frozen. That's how you're walking through life... Frozen (with a backpack of frozen pain) that takes up all your energy. It's fucking heavy! So you're lethargic., walking through life. You've LOST your spark. Of course, everybody's like... "That's just AGE.'

Oh! And I'll debunk that whole age theory in another blog.

You're using your memory to keep your past ALIVE and your present DEAD.

HELLO Zombie world. (Totally) Cuz your focus is back there and since its back there you're going to need a thing called: DISTRACTIONS. So... hello porn! Hello booze! Gossip! Video games non-stop! What... a waste of LIFE. And the worst... that pain is taking up so much SPACE. Such a memory hog! So now love has no room... There's no ROOM to come in. Majorrr cock blocker.

If OLD pain surfaces remind yourself that its cause is GONE.

Even though hell is very difficult for us to deal with bliss would be even harder. Since our definition of bliss IS hell. So Bliss, would be our biggest THREAT. Since it'd mean it'd have to destroy the reality we've convinced our self is REAL. And questioning our reality means we'd be questioning our self. SO forever... stuck.  We don't have to fight our feelings we have to overwhelm them, CRUSH them with positive things!

There's a REASON our eyes are placed on the front of our head NOT the back of our ass.

We're meant to look forward! And if something's taking up space and we can't take in LOVE (due to anger, pain, hatred) it means we're going to expect the next person to extend THAT (even if they're not doing that) since we feel all that pain (are taught to continue and make it) present. If we FEEL it presently, inside we'll have to attract it on the outside. So we'll contort and distort things that they're saying or doing from our dominant focus - memory.

Since our ego is grounded in fear... makes us feel it has to protect us that's where it'll be OVER reactive.

One little exercise for  you to try

You know how when you're in the car, listening to great music (a concert) watching a movie that makes you laugh... YOU have a smile on your face. That smile tells your BRAIN you're happy. The next time you're in the car when you're coasting or driving somewhere, even if the music's not on or you're standing in line... just SMILE.  You don't need to show alllll your TEETH. You might SCARE people! LOL Just a simple smile. Like, when you have a good feeling. Like... When someone you've had your eye on (months) JUST looks back at you.  LOL Oh! And don't smile and judge yourself. LOL Don't give yourself an A, B or C+. Don't rate yourself. Don't look down in your mind and separate yourself... from the feeling (of your smile). Be like, "K... I feel DUMB. What the fuck is this?" Then you're not in your smile, feeling good. I need you to SMILE. And if you're driving? Just think of a blank slate. Just say to yourself... 'blank slate' to divert your mind from putting in its two cents (make fun of YOU). If you're driving, standing or walking just go... 'blank slate' but keep your eye on the road! Your mind will go on mute and in three seconds the feeling of the smile will register to your brain AS joy. There's a lot of times at night you're driving home and it's dark, weather sucks and you FEEL like shit. Whenever the Sun's out it makes you smile but if you have nothing that usually makes you smile and you're all alone without your friend distracting you with their jokes, farts or drama or you're not playing video games, texting (sexting) AND... you just smile. YOU won't feel alone 'anymore'. You won't feel isolated, you won't feel pathetic. Loser. Depressed... forgotten.

When you smile the world does really smile with YOU

Cuz the world is a Creation and creation is LOVE. So if you smile you'll be in sync with that formula and you'll feel GOOD. (For real) It's not like when people say, "Think positive." You're like, "But... My life SUCKS." There's no trying to outsmart your brain. Well, at least not directly. LOL There's no work on YOUR part, trying to find thoughts while you feel like SHIT. Just exercise your FACE! Lift the corners of your mouth UP. And let that, communicate to your body while over-riding your brain. And BE one... with Love.

Yodlina... has spoken.   

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