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Have you ever wondered why the heart’s the only organ linked to LOVE? And I said love not sex we know there’s two organs linked to that. But I’m talking about... a FEELING. That once you have it NOTHING CAN TOUCH YOU. You feel invincible! Unstoppable and everything now seems POSSIBLE. You don’t get that feeling just cuz you slept with someone, you get crabs or some other shit like that. You’re high on life cuz YOU’RE in love!!! And nothing bothers you (kinda... MAJOR clue) it’s like you’re immune to anyone’s opinion, actions or bullshit. There’s a reason... the heart is the only organ linked to LOVE... It’s like a living, breathing receptor. And yeah guys—we know got another kind of receptor we’re not talkin’ jizz flying all over the place. So, how come there’s no OTHER organ linked or associated with... love? I mean. It’s not like you’re ever gonna say...  “I love YOU with all my intestines (all twenty five feet of ‘em).”  You’re like, “No wonder I get acid RE FLUX every time you kiss me.” Or “You broke my rectum. It hurts to love YOU... man.” How ‘bout...“I CRIED my liver out.” Really... Always thought you were TOXIC. Or. “I REALLLLLY want this with all my BLADDER.” (Busted) Why is love ONLY related to  the heart?

Your heart... was carefully placed inside your body with one very important requirement. It needs to be SHARED... extended in order for it to EXIST (kinda ensures there WILL be someone). LOL No sharing it dies. Sharing and it’s not mutual. DIES. Sharing and having it stepped on (the worst) a CRUMPLED heart, which is why you feel like no one wants you. Wish I could fly into your bedroom and iron it perfect again.

We’re going to continue from our last blog where we TALKED about...

‘Should I as a girl... make the first move?’

We also discussed the importance of receiving the first move... if YOU are a girl. Cuz Lord knows a lot of girls don’t know, especially with the media... CONFUSING as shit, celebs acting a certain way, it’s just not clear. We’ll also cover for YOU guys, the ‘mechanics’ of a girl’s mind-set AFTER you make the first move and how to ensure your success (so you CAN actually get your balls back) and successfully go get the girl you WANT. Cuz what is a guy’s MOST important job... finding the RIGHT girl. Cuz  that could take forever... (or NOT) And finding her will automatically makes YOU feel like you can accomplish anything. cuz you’ve just conquered the most difficult and complex thing—a GIRL. Her temperament,  hidden land mines, unspoken requests, upside down messages (saying the opposite of what she means like “Don’t ever call me again!”, when she wants you to CALL again so you two can work it out. And you’re thinking... If only I knew the code she speaks in. : (  Well, this book; The Wisdom of the Penis is written as if GIRLS are thinking out loud, so this books is like the equivalent of guys having a vagina.


So what exactly is going through a girl’s mind when a guy makes the first move? Here are some examples of what she’ll do to gauge your interest level, guys.

No. 1 The mark has to be hit within the timeline, in other words don’t STALL and think too much about it (after initiating the first move) she’ll end up putting you in different category... Aka the ‘friend-zone’. So basically a last minute thing, in case she needs a male figure to go somewhere and make someone (she’s really interested in) ‘jealous’. And we’ll just call you the Pawn... small, dispensable and definitely NOT the main course.

So at this point you’ve sent a strong message, she responds and YOU freeze. And now you’re experiencing the blue-screen-of-death (making a dumb face, not calling her soon enough, not texting her back) not much you can do now, she’s already moved on. Unless you go to an expert, her best friend beg her to put in a good word for you (pay her off). So heed my warning! It’s best you know how to navigate yourself. And be sure you do not neglect your updates as in right away... follow up with HER.

No. 2 Be AUTHENTIC cuz that’s your ace card. Cheesy, sappy... only works if you’re genuine. If you’re waaaay overboard and after seeing her 3 times you’re like, “I can’t live WITHOUT you (stage II clinger fo shur) that’s just unhealthy. Make sure you’re capable of making yourself HAPPY cuz only then you’ll know that you don’t need a person to EXIST. A person can contribute to your life but not BE your whole life, cuz that’s just soooo off kilter and eventually, you’ll just slide off the earth... no reality. Feel isolated think (mistakenly) no one wants YOU. 

Girls respond in a very big way (not looks) but how content a guy is, is he comfortable in his own skin, doesn’t matter if he’s a nerd or whatever he KNOWS his value, he just may have very unique qualities and talents. As long as he’s aware of them he will present himself in a solid manner.  And that feeling will come to her. Remember! Girls are like feeling sponges they’ll absorb what YOU truly feel about yourself. So even if you are a talker... smooth, eventually there’ll be complications. Like... YOU over reacting when a guy looks at her. At first, she’ll think its sweet but then it’ll be unbearable, she’ll feel like she can’t breathe (imprisoned). Cuz for someone to have to ‘watch how they are’ means you are loving ‘conditionally’, which of course never works cuz conditions CHANGE (all the time) doesn’t matter what condition. You’re living based on conditions. That’s not love... That’s a carton of milk that nurtures you only until it expires and then you throw it out.

For you guys out there NOT sure what you have going for yourself, give me a call and I’ll illuminate it for YOU on the spot! Exactly... what I see in you. The real gems (even if they’re STILL buried inside you). Or get a piece of paper and write down 7 things you really DO well. I don’t care if it’s... like, really unique crazy type socks, you buy. That’s a skill and totally a turn on... if you see it that way.

No. 3 Set the right environment. Make sure it’s pleasing to as many of her senses as possible. Like, sight, sound, smell, taste, touch... ignite every sense. BUT that one! LOL Enjoy the baking process (getting to know her) the anticipation, smells, taste... you know what I’m talkin’ about. Take your TIME. Don’t pull the bread out of the oven way before its READY. And pleazzze don’t be pokin your finger in it before it’s time that just ruins it for us. Fuuuck yeah.

No. 4 Be attentive. I CANNOT tell you how powerful this one is... cuz although you may be super attentive first 2-3 times if you continue and only be interested in what’s she’s saying (acknowledging often, asking questions so she can go into more depth—girls like depth they LIVVVVE for details, IF you focus only on that (as opposed to thinking about how HOT she is) toughest mental training a guy WILL ever do, what’ll happen... it’ll challenge HER to try and pull you closer (sexually speaking) cuz  she’ll wonder why you haven’t made any moves yet. You’ll inspire her feminine energy to peak... come out and play... beeee seductive, cuz she’s gonna wanna knock you out of your IRS lobe (logical part of your brain) and INTO your feeling lobe (the animal beast part of YOU... that can’t think) and since you’ve passed with flying colors showing her BRAIN that you ARE firstly interested  in HER (not just her parts) she’ll feel completely safe doing this.

Girls need to know that a guy is completely dependable ‘emotionally’ speaking. As in NOT just listening, our PLANT can do that, but actually pointing facts she’s too clouded at the moment (emotional) to see. And at this point, you’re like lighthouse in our stormy seas. And that immediately puts us at ease and YOU... in our most valuable ‘category’. Essential...

No. 5 STAY connected. Cuz just like your part, if it’s not in motion, constantly getting stimulated it falls limp and eventually dies (all its potential fo shur). LOL In the same way, not a lot of communication (which shows us you care) will also make us run dry, wilt and die... our love for u that is. In other words, especially after that first epic kiss DON’T listen to your friends who are like, “K. Now don’t call her for a few days you. You don’t wanna look like you’re NEEDY.” You dude, will not appear needy if you’re calling her to see how SHE’S feeling (only if you need reassurance you did okay). You’re the one in sync with her now (not your friends) your heart knows exactly what’s necessary to keep the emotional juice going (how to proceed). Especially in the beginning, cuz it’s so new your heart’s on alert... her every whim, nuisance, mood, it knows just before it comes into full swing. It can sense it. Your connection with her... is there to help you LAND inside her heart. Now, provided that everything flows in an organic way—your body being a solid indicator, each day YOU feeling more and MORE energy. You… feeling light on the inside and of course, nothing and no one gets on your nerves (dead give-away right there). Now that you two are official here are some pro tips you need to keep in mind, definitely won’t be learning THIS in school.

  1. Be on time. We will think you don’t care if you’re not on time at a certain place.
  2. Whether you say (L) or luv or love does matter.
  3. We don’t care if you couldn’t come on that date for the most embarrassing reason in the world, just don’t lie to us.
  4. We like cuddling up to you so let us.
  5. Silent Treatment + Short Answers + Not Smiling or Laughing + Evil Looks = YOU DID SOMETHING WRONG.
  6. You will be classified in our ‘Hate’ list if you forget our birthday.
  7. Do not ask what’s wrong. We’ll never tell you we just want you to cuddle us.
  8. You need to tell us what you think of us, we don’t make assumptions.
  9. Telling us that we are pretty will mean absolute LOADS.
  10. Do not make fun of us unless we are in a good mood. As sincere as girls go we take these things very seriously.
  11. If you do end up doing Number 10 you just have to hope we aren’t in a bad mood.
  12. Saying something sweet MIGHT get you off the hook. Doing something sweet will ALWAYS get you off the hook.
  13. We never forget things. Ever.
  14. We over-analyze everything. Get used to it.
  15. We over-react to everything. Get used to that too.
  16. When we are mad at you, we aren’t actually mad at you we just want you to apologize so we can start showing we like you agan.
  17. We over-react to everything. Get used to that too.
  18. When we are mad at you, we aren’t actually mad at you we just want you to apologize so we can start showing we like you again.

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